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7. Baconhound is an Edmonton food blog, focusing on the best restaurants and dishes in Edmonton and beyond. We tasted butter of varying fat content, prices, and brands. It would be my pick for second place. We tasted butter of varying fat content, prices, and brands. The results were not easy to come by, but we did end up with an almost unanimous winner. In the US there are three grades of butter: Grade AA, Grade A and Grade B which is hard to find outside of industrial settings. It was really hard to differentiate between the middle of the pack, so we left it at that. I gathered together a panel of experts (as well as Robyn and me) to find out the answer to this butter dilemma. Picking out the subtleties between them proved difficult, even for this panel of seasoned tasters. The best quality butter gets a grade of AA. In the United States, the Department of Agriculture (USDA) assigns quality grades to butter based on its score on a standard quality point scale. A few judges did note that the overt saltiness would be really nice on popcorn, however. Judges across the board found this butter to be much oilier than the rest, with a texture and flavour that didn’t impress. First Access to Latest. Foremost was clearly the cheapest option up until a recent price drop on Natrel, and surprisingly did not rank last as I would have expected. per week for first … Challenge Creamery Credit: PHOTO BY LISSA TOWNSEND RODGERS . That may seem like fun at first, but it was much harder than it sounds, trust me. The rules were simple: we tasted salted butter, because that’s what most people buy for home use, and the butter could be tasted either alone or slathered on some fresh baguette. Whole Foods' house brand 365 makes a host of products, most of which are of reliable quality, and the butter is no exception. 1 55+ Easy Dinner Recipes for Busy Weeknights ... First, our intrepid Culinary Editor Rebecca Firkser and I sourced 14 fancy butters that were available to us, via both regular and specialty grocery stores. Grade AA signifies that the butter is made from sweet cream, is sweet smelling and tasting, and has a smooth consistency. Grade AA is the highest possible grade; Grade AA butter must achieve a numerical score of 93 out of 100 points based on its aroma, flavour, and texture. Judges noted the strong flavour that left a bit of an odd aftertaste. I am also surprised that PC was the lowest – but am often surprised during tastings! We wouldn’t want anything getting in the way of that butter flavour. Brilliant! You don’t get more conclusive than a unanimous choice for worst, and that’s what we had. Butter, when broken down into it’s two basic characteristics is fat and water. e-books and guides. Great post! Inform your decisions via. It melts a bit foamy, but makes a solid base to fry an egg or make grilled cheese. So do you need to splurge for Stirling 84 and ditch your current brand of choice? Where did the Foothills butter land on your ranking? Support Quality Journalism. Well, I’d say if the extra cost isn’t an issue for you, then yes, by all means. L’Acentre was the most expensive, yet the import from France only elicited lukewarm reviews. Just $1.99. Love tastings! I have always a great salted Sterling in my fridge or freezer at all times, and if I can get any from my friend who makes her own near Camrose, I don’t share! Since I myself am faced with this question regularly, I decided it was time to find the answer with a blind taste. Investment News . More fat equals more flavor, but it’s a little more complex than that when you realize the difference between American butter, with 80% butterfat, and European-style butter, a minimum of 82% butterfat, is minimal (I mean, we’re talking only 2% in some instances). I’ve never done butters, but so many other foods – and so interesting that the cows creamery wasn’t high – and was so salty. We also had a unanimous vote for last place and a few thoughts on the ones in between: The judges found Stirling to be the most balanced, with the best combination of flavour and creaminess while keeping the saltiness in check. I expected Cow’s to rate highly, but our judges found it to be far and away the saltiest of the bunch; far too much for everyday use. Find it in the iTunes store and on Stitcher. The USDA tests the butter at room temperature to also look for defects, such as lumps, sticky texture, brittle parts, air bubbles and density issues. ($4.50 for 250g) 1.8 cents per gram, Natrel – Safeway ( $4.89for 454 grams) 1.08 cents per gram, Lactancia – Safeway ($5.29 for 454g) 1.17 cents per gram, Cows Creamery – Duchess Provisions ($7.00 for 250g) 2.8 cents per gram, Foothills Creamery- Safeway ($4.79 for 454g)  1.06 cents per gram, Foremost – Superstore ($4.98 for 454g)  1.09 cents per gram, L’Ancetre – Safeway ($7.19 for 250g) 2.88 cents per gram, Stirling 84 – Duchess Provisions ($7.00 for 250g) 2.8 cents per gram. Valerie, Presidents Choice Organic- Superstore. Phil Wilson is a food writer and also the host of the Canadian food podcast, Off Menu. It has a smooth, dense texture and clean, mellow taste. Butter is graded based on the sweetness of its flavor, the quality of cream the butter was made from, the smoothness of its texture, and the degree of flavor impurities such as acidity, bitterness, feed, malty, musty, weed, and whey. Globe Investor Tools. Lactancia also has the distinction of being the best value, ranking high for quality and low on the price scale. We had a clear top 2, and a definite loser, but the other 5 were neck and neck in the middle. Lactancia scored well for creaminess and, though some judges found it a touch salty. If cost is a concern, do what I do and have Stirling on hand for occasions where the butter is the star, and keep the much cheaper Lactancia in your butter dish for everyday use.

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