acts 14 commentary

A sign directs attention away from its unusual nature to the meaning and the significance it points to. This is the only time that Paul was stoned -- not with drugs, but with hard, sharp rocks which cut his body, bruised and crushed him, and left him lying in a crumpled heap on the pavement. The people here refers to the Gentiles.The Word of His grace. who made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and all . That they came through this time (almost 20 years for each one) relatively unscathed can only be credited to the protective hand of God, the same One Who protected His missionaries. Herod would have enjoyed such praise, but faithful Christians understand that only God is to be worshiped." The English word "tribulation" is derived from the Latin word tribulum (literally a thing with teeth that tears), which was a heavy piece of timber with spikes in it, used for threshing the corn or grain. It was likely from these men that Paul and Barnabas chose pastors. Several examples of its figurative use (e.g. This voyage probably took about 3-4 days (See speed of ancient ships). The miraculous healing performed by Peter in Acts 3 was similar to the healing Paul performed in Lystra... Now Peter and John were going up to the temple at the ninth hour, the hour of prayer. This is a second mark of the gospel as it is genuinely preached. In Acts 13:5 Luke used it of the missionaries having "gone through the whole island." The word was used to designate the buildings other than the Jewish Temple (in Jerusalem) where the Jews also congregated for worship. 2:12; Col. 4:3) he employed the metaphor of "door," perhaps a reminiscence of the very language of Paul here. Stephen in Acts 6:8) as they were enabled by God (Acts 2:43; 4:30; 5:12). Arnold - What fickle people these Lystrians were. I fear that too often I take God's watch-care and hand of protection over myself and my family for granted, but I have numerous stories from the my two youngest children's lives when they were actively using illegal drugs. (Worthless is Jeremiah's favorite way of describing idols Jer 8:19,  10:8, 15, 14:22, 16:19,  51:18). to be honored but not believed or followed. We know what they are. We may suppose that the theme of prayers lifted upward was a petitioning for God’s blessing upon His work. But Jesus Himself counseled otherwise. Charles Swindoll has an interesting thought on the strengthening the souls of the disciples and the three Stages of Christian Maturation -. Hermes was the emissary and messenger of the gods. . Who is led into sin without my intense concern? Faith (4102)(pistis) is synonymous with trust or belief and is the conviction of the truth of anything, but in Scripture usually speaks of belief respecting man's relationship to God and divine things, generally with the included idea of trust and holy fervor born of faith and joined with it. KJV Acts 14:11 And when the people saw what Paul had done, they lifted up their voices, saying in the speech of Lycaonia, The gods are come down to us in the likeness of men. Barnabas must have been rather more good-looking. Wikipedia - Hermes  is the god of trade, heraldry, merchants, commerce, roads, thieves, trickery, sports, travelers, and athletes in Ancient Greek religion and mythology; the son of Zeus and the Pleiad Maia, he was the second youngest of the Olympian gods (Dionysus being the youngest). Jews plus the gentiles they stirred up, with the Lord confirming the (Exalting Jesus in Acts), John MacArthur wrote, “Boldness is that essential quality without which nothing significant can be accomplished for the gospel.” (Of course I agree with  Dr MacArthur, but again would emphasize that this "boldness" must be supernaturally endued, not naturally pursued. It is quite uninspired and yet reflects the impact that the Apostle Paul had in this region of Asia Minor. Kakoo is used in Acts 12:1  where "Herod the king laid hands on some who belonged to the church in order to mistreat them" and in this case the "mistreatment" included killing James, Kakoo - 6x - Acts 7:6; Acts 7:19; Acts 12:1; Acts 14:2; Acts 18:10; 1 Pet. The lesson dear shy brother or sister in Christ it that you may not be oratorically eloquent, but it matters not to God. Epegeiro is used widely in the Septuagint where it means to “be aroused against someone” or “rise up or revolt against someone.” E.g., "the God of Israel stirred up (Lxx - epegeiro)  the spirit of Pul, king of Assyria, even the spirit of Tilgath-pilneser king of Assyria, and he carried them (NORTHERN 10 TRIBES) away into exile." 5:7; Ex. Rather, he himself was a created being who rose to supremacy long ago when he emerged victorious from a struggle against his own father, a god named Cronus. You haven't noticed, obviously, that nature is as one; it all ties together, blending and harmonizing beautifully.

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