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Until then, I’m happy with this oven recipe! -Steve, Well I tried this with a boneless 3.5 pound Boston Butt and am not sure what went wrong. If the tray its sitting in has one of those pads that absorbs liquids, throw that away along with the plastic wrapping. The forecast was calling for rain on the 4th of July so I decided to try cooking the pork butt in the oven instead of trying to get the smoker lit in the rain. Lol. The foil makes for simple cleanup of course. I hope you’ll share your results with us once you’ve had the chance to try it. I’m truly thankful for your visit and I do hope you’ll visit with us often. Hi Brandon, Thank You for your compliments on the Pulled Pork BBQ Recipe. Especially enough to be making it again. Gonna have the slaw, potato salad and baked beans.. used a different recipe for the sauce… but I’m pretty sure it will be scrumptious. Thank you for taking the time to share your results with our recipe. As you can see in the photo above, this is the bottom. Made this last night for our New Years party and it went down a storm. Drizzle the sauce over the cooked meat and then stir it in. Do you have a good oven recipe for BBQ ribs? Thanks again, tg, Hi Tom, Sounds like you’re just gonna have a good old pig picking up your way, what with the BBQ, Slaw, Beans and Naner Pudding. Hi Valarie, Thank you for trying our Pulled Pork BBQ recipe, and for sharing your results with us. I’m writing from South Germany and strongly craving for some good American homemade food, I made this delicious pulled pork for the first time and it turned out to be super delicious. Just a matter of taste. But, you certainly do live in a beautiful area. I hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. Thank You so much for sharing! But totally agree with you on all the rest! -Steve. It’s the long slow cook that really makes the meat fall apart easily. I did find the rub too salty though. Be Blessed!!! My only flaw was this… Party was 12pm on Saturday so I did the cooking all day Friday… So I had to wrap the meat in sections infoil overnight and then reheated in on the stove with a little of the pan juices from the day before. Absolutely wonderful recipe. Happy Birthday America Rooftop Party! Maybe it will encourage someone else to try the recipe as well. Be Blessed!!! Hi Shelley, I’m glad to know you’ve been enjoying the Pulled Pork BBQ recipe. Do you have any tips or tricks I should be aware of? I cooked it for 2-1/2 hours at 350 degrees. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe. I do hope you’ll stop by for another visit… real soon. glad to inform this aussie girl pulled off your recipe despite lack of liquid smoke !! Going to try injecting this weekend, see if that makes a difference. I do appreciate you taking the time to share your comment with us and I hope you’ll stop by for another visit with us… real soon. Thank you ! I realize I’m stepping into an area that can stir up a lot of emotions and opinions, especially here in North Carolina. Use a basting brush and, brush on some of the Eastern North Carolina Vinegar Based Sauce. Be Blessed!!! Love the Vinegar Based Sauce! I’ll feed a family with GREAT food and have plenty of leftovers for less than the cost of a single plate at a decent bbq joint. Bless You, Doy. What gives? I am making this over the weekend for a party. I understand salt is needed to help break up fibers and such so I countered it with a sweeter sauce before plating . I made only one mistake…I didn’t bookmark this site! I made this for my husbands birthday party this past weekend, was a hit! It smelled so good. Be Blessed!!! Thank you for taking the time to share your comments and do stop by for another visit with us… real soon. Delicious and easy !! The rub really adds the flavor to this, First, with your knife, slash across the fat side of the roast. Serve 2 healthy sides and salad with the meals. Thanks! Coming from a family of BBQ connoisseurs, this recipe is the closest thing you can get to the slow smoked variety without the equipment. I`ll try this awesome BBQ in my kitchen, many thanks from germany, Hi Markus, Greetings to Germany all the way from North Carolina. The first year we fed the homeless we did not know what we were getting into alot more people than we had planned for. There’s going to be plenty that doesn’t get removed so, taking off some of the visible excess isn’t really going to be a problem in my humble opinion. Add 1 cup of smoker chips in aluminum foil pouch to direct heat side or directly in the coals if using charcoal. Or should I plan to have it in my oven for 14 hours? Made some creamy slaw to go along and some BBQ beans. This recipe and the sauce was very close to the bbq I get at our local bbq restaurant. Your actual cooking time will vary based on your oven. I had a pork butt weighing over 6 pounds and I cooked it over 8 hours and the temp was 185 so I went ahead and took it out. Your pictures and explanations helped a lot and I very much enjoy the way you write. It’s great to hear from you and I do appreciate your visits to Taste of Southern. Thanks, Hi Cam, Thank you for trying our recipe for Pulled Pork. Must be a Southern boy… right? You’ll want to pull the foil off at hour 4 to let it get a good crust. -Steve, Hi Steve. I’m glad you found us and that you were willing to try the Pulled Pork. Thanks and be well. Thank you for sharing this recipe! Thanks, Make it your own Special Sauce. Use your hands again and, rub the mustard over the pork to lightly coat it. It cooks great. If not, just do like I did and leave it out on the counter top. Fold the sides of the plastic wrap up and around the meat. You didn’t say how you liked the taste, so I hope it was good for you. It’s the long slow cook that really makes the meat fall apart easily. Besides, I like to be thorough in these things. This was way better than smoked ! Hi Steve…from Canada here. We’ll be looking for you. That crispy outside edge is called the “bark” and it will be full of flavor when its finished. Can you find it on the chart? Be Blessed!!! Cheers, Hi Steve, I hope that barbecue turned out well for you. I am very impressed we have your recipes the in-depth explanation of each and every step accompanied with a photo makes it very simple and give you the confidence you need to do when preparing a an item such as pork shoulder roast. Hi Ava, I too am happy we’re showing up on Google. – Get a wood chip box for the BBQ (small, almost airtight) and fill it with 50/50 apple/hickory chips. Do you try and remove any of the drippings during the cooking process?

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