black specks on scalp

I had a very similar problem and for 9 years went to 10 different doctors no answer. My technique is to rub them out with Paw Paw Ointment or Bio Oil to reduce scarring. We knew we were crazy but it keeps getting worse. items to stay away from i.e.sugar. ) The black specs are in my cornmeal, silver ware draw, my floors are covered with specs (they are seen in the piles after I sweep my floors). It turns out there is an article in the American Journal for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene called " "The Emergence of Auto-cutaneous Leishmaniaisis in North East Texas and South Eastern Oklohoma." God Bless. It would be nice to talk to someone in your home town! P.S. I couldn't believe it! I saw allot of kids scratching outside and one girl had a bigger sore then me! I am trying blue star ointment tonight, i read somewhere that it kills them dead, we will see. There is no reason for us to be confused about anything with these Thrip Bots. I have seen an insect on my couch that I cannot find on-line. Oh use A LOT of borax in with your laundry cuz that does work I mean A LOT. Vinegar & water to spray on me & surfaces, parasite cleanses work but as soon as I stop, they are back again. Having no insurance I called an older dr I had been to and convinced him to call in scabies meds b/c after researching online I thought it may be scabies. I have had a couple back surgeries and am on and habeen on pain Meds and anxiety meds Methadone in pill form (they are using that a lot nowdays) and Xanax. It's easy to do. There are a number of fungus that cause opertunistic infections in humans. I cannot show my arms or legs because of scars and have some pretty ugly ones on my back too. Always pour straight industrial bleach into your toilet AS WELL AS the Tank your sink drains and shower and tub drains. But the first time I eva did that my bath w full of gray ash hard like stone and I left the lotion on 4 like 5min and barely rinsed I becamE gritty like sandy?? Unlike previous comments I cant see them on my skin. Wash clothes in hot water- I let them soak in the washer for 10 minutes--then went thru the cycle. But those are the worse places to the point im crying and begging god to help me! I also put a kleenex wet with Eucalyptus oil on the floor of my car and that seemed to decrease the problem. I first discovered my symptoms about two months ago. I have had this horrid Flu for 3 + days now and boy... too much at once. Showering a lot and constant cleaning with strongest clean products you can find, but DON'T go overboard and use too harsh of a product. an night. Has anyone noticed bits of sparkle, or static in the bed, waxy eggs, what looks like crumbs in the bed but these little *** pierce the skin. You are already signed-up with us. It is not lice (been there done ... View answer, Hi, I ve had a itchy head this past week. Vacum with a vacuum cleaner (a special one, can't think of the name) and I set it outside or in a garbage bag after use. It threw me off b/c I read that scabies do not jump and you can't see them. Thanks so much for giving so much detail on the things you have tried in your efforts to eliminate this problem of unusual bugs under your skin. I woke up with aces & pains flu symptoms. Please help. The rash would travel from pubic area to folds of buttocks to buttocks, etc. I also have black specks it started june 2011 aprox 2 weeks after husband went into hospital i became very ill disinfected my house etc.. My name is Carol and I have been battling with these mites for 3 years now and I have been consumed at times from this nightmare. PLEASE POST ANY REMEDY that may actually work. I will let you all know what I find that works. I told him I wasn't convinced that was what I had. My husband skin is sensitive and they bother him worse. Unfortunately it's part of my medical history, causing preconceived conclusions before the doctor meets me. My nephew is three yrs old and just a week ago appeared this cluster of black specks on his scalp. I got it from my coworker and I gave it to my mom of course innocently. It was created by man. So wed I went to my family dr I DID NOT, BRING ANY SAMPLES! He stopped itching in 2 days looked clear and a patch of hair started growing back where he had a small bald spot around his tail. It has a thread that wraps around my hair and then comes off like an L shape further down hair shaft to allow motility. Glad I'm not alone in this but wish I could find a cure. Showers help wash them off. a way to get rid od these is keep using vavoline oil and put over skin and let it soak for awhile and then wipe off with soft cloth or paper towels a lot of them specks come out will have to wok at this several time but does work getting them out of body Soaking in hot water also brings them out Haven,t found cure and the Drs just don,t know answer!! I have had this for over three years and i do have some theories on the cause. Hang in there we will find a cure and don't think or accept the I am crazy or seeing things answer. What do we do? Then at certain temp they start hatching and biting. There is an awesome news conference about this by sophia Armstrong(lead researcher) called morgellons actually Explained! I'm at the edge . Then start trying the things Bobby an I used. Sorry I took so long to give an update after my second dose of Ivermectin I wanted to see if what I was feeling after the Ivermectin was going to last before shared & Life has been busy YES I said LIFE! Monday. I wish you luck and I think you will find some relief with the Coconut oil. the rinse & lotions seem to suffocate the little critters. I think unless some doctors start to listen and try help this thing will probably kill me off eventually it must be gradually eating me away. Also, Government isn't going to tell us anything but what they want us to know. Hi, and your welcome, I know exactly where your coming from. When I wipe them off, there's a tiny red spot on my skin. I know you have to be careful as to what you can spray on your keyboard. If you know anyone who can help, my email address is or phone number 903-363-3408. I just read the comment that you hadn't been able to contact me. They will live in your house plants. God Bless...Take Care...Debbie (717)439-0743) if I don't answer...I'll call back. I feel like i COULD LOSE MY MIND. I am thinking they are dulling my immune system. Seems to help but not a cure. I know what everyone is going through.... this is miserable! I have seen 4 doctors and they don't see anything that I see and keep giving me anti-depressants and telling me to start counseling and psychotic meds. I believe now they are spread throug the country. As we are living in a false economy headed by criminal enterprises, greed, and controlpeople are waking up because the vailoflies becomes thinner and the obvious truths are still left standing. dr.JAY PATEL. I have just began reading and alot falls right in place. Most parasite infections are spreadable from person to person, whether they are internal parasites, fungal overgrowth, skin parasites, etc. I on the other hand, has gotten worse. Usually they are a 1/4 inch to two inches and have little markings in between the beginning to the end of the scratch. I have also had the house fumigated about 3 or 4 times now. For not only your health but your children's. I began looking more closely at these odd white flakes that seem to not want to come off, then I saw the black specks! I dont know, but I do know they are not gone. I mentiond it to my friend ali and he said yes I know they have done that since we bought the place, then he told me take salt bath to get them off me. Bombing the premises is one way of getting rid of fleas, mites and bedbugs. Bobby K...still trying to get ahold of you.Has anyone out their found something that can help us? It has been 2 weeks and no one else in my house has said anything about being itchy but it has spread from just the back of my head to my whole head, back of my neck, and part of my face. I would wash bedding & shower again using the same cream rinse procedure & covering my body with body lotion before going to bed. They are EVERYWHERE! First I want to tell everyone that YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!! I was so RELIEVED to finally just type in "bald and black flecks coming from my hair follicles " and finding all of you guys❣️ Thank You all for giving me bacgk the Hope and Understanding that I had lost dealing with this HELL on my own.

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