chicken vienna sausage recipe

Hash. Vienna Sausages. Add butter or margarine and stir in shredded chicken, sliced vienna sausage, grated cheddar cheese, carrot strips, frozen peas. Get the recipe. Recipe Collections. Pour in the 10 cups chicken … 3. Browse Our Recipes. Chili Dog Sliders. Get the recipe. When the oil is hot add the ingredients we diced, including the sausage. Keep on stirring and add seasonings. Search Recipes. Shred the Chicken meat with your fingers. Get the recipe. Set aside. In a small saucepan or frying pan, add the oil and place on medium heat. Open the can of Vienna sausages and rinse under cool water, then slice each sausage in half (of whatever size you like). Corned Beef. A 30-minute version of the Cuban staple “arroz con salchicha” (Cuban-style yellow rice with Vienna sausages) using long grain rice, spices and chicken sausage. Loaded Chili Nachos. Luncheon Meat. 2. Buffalo Chicken Chili Bean Dip. 4. Chili & Stew. This … Now dice the tomato, onion and scallion. Sliced Dried Beef. Potted Meat. Saute garlic and onion in oil over medium heat.

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