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I’m no fan of beautification features, but my mother definitely is, so it would be nice if this feature could work in apps like WhatsApp, Viber, or Google Duo. Using the fingerprint sensor with the Always on Display active causes everything to go full brightness. OPPO has developed its own brand identity in ColorOS—it can no longer be treated as a poor iOS clone. It’s a nice way to keep the alarm sound fresh so you don’t get too used to it while also priming you to be aware of today’s weather conditions. If you don’t like Google’s Android 10 gestures, even with OPPO’s enhancements to them in ColorOS 7.1, then you can also enable OPPO’s “Swipe-up Gestures” in the same settings menu. A new, large clock is added with the weather above the Quick Setting tiles when they’re expanded, for example, which is something that we’ve seen with Samsung’s OneUI. In Settings > Privacy, you can enable “personal information protection” which provides empty call history, contacts, messages, and events information to apps that request them. There are other features in ColorOS 7.1 that I like, but in the interest of trimming down the length of this review, here’s a quick overview/list of them. With most of ColorOS’ earlier problems out of the way, we hope that OPPO can really focus on making the improvements we mentioned so that ColorOS will be seen in the same vein as Samsung’s OneUI, OnePlus’ OxygenOS, or even Google’s Pixel UX. Chen Xi also called it “deutilization” design. Speaking of accessibility, I also like that you can always see the current zoom level, and you can even tap dedicated buttons to change between the best zoom levels. The Chinese Reno3 Pro and the Find X2 and X2 Pro feature high frame rate displays. Even the icons have received a total revamp. Without the active adaptation of third-party apps, it can also bring users a better dark experience. And a special event had been conducted on the launch of ColorOS 7 update. In our review of the OPPO Reno2, we noted that our biggest problem with that device was not the software features but rather how the software looked. It still felt like OPPO was trying to mimic iOS rather than make a unique Android identity. In trimming down the bezels as much as possible, OPPO did not have enough room to place a notification LED on the front of the Find X2 or Find X2 Pro. ColorOS 7.1 Review: OPPO’s latest Android OS is its best yet. The O1 Ultra Vision Engine is OPPO’s term for the display processing engine that artificially increases the framerates of videos using MEMC as well as converts SDR video to HDR. In Settings > Convenience Tools > Smart Sidebar, you can enable a floating handlebar that, when swiped, allows you to show a toolbox containing shortcuts to actions like taking a screenshot, starting a screen recording, launching a user-selected app, or launching one of OPPO’s apps in a floating window. I’m all about protecting the safety of users, so I am glad that ColorOS 7.1 provides a shortcut to quickly call emergency services or user-selected emergency contacts. OPPO is not the only OEM that makes these mistakes, but they’re still worth calling out as they prevent me from considering ColorOS superior to other OEM skins like ASUS’ ZenUI or OnePlus’ OxygenOS. In addition to breaking news on the Android OS and mobile devices, I manage all editorial and reviews content on the Portal. Notably, this is not possible in One UI 2.0 or 2.1 for the latest Samsung Galaxy phones. File protection only seems to backup images stored in the folders for Camera, Screenshots, WeChat, and QQ. ColorOS 7’s dark mode improves the display contrast, the light is bright and clear, and important information is highlighted. Since most 5G networks are NSA, this feature isn’t particularly useful yet. Right now, you can set “Smart Driving” to block all alerts including incoming calls, text messages, and heads-up notifications whenever you connect to a Bluetooth car kit. The Photos app has a “recently deleted” album that contains image files you delete, either from within the Photos app or from other apps (that is, if you enable “file protection” in Settings > Privacy). Before we dive into our thoughts on the full breadth of features offered by OPPO in ColorOS 7.1, here’s an overview of the features that are unique to the OPPO Find X2 and Find X2 Pro because of their hardware. If you frequently find yourself with a spotty Wi-Fi connection but have access to multiple networks, then this may come in handy. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. Re-cut icons, diversified styles, to meet the diverse personal needs of users. If you want to only use more secure authentication methods, then you can disable facial recognition for unlocking and only use it for App Lock or Private Safe. Smart Assistant does not provide as good of an experience as the Google Discover feed. I can’t show the floating screen recorder toolbar through screenshots since it doesn’t appear in them, but it’s basically a small bar that sticks to the left or right side of the screen. The OPPO Find X2 Pro is a huge smartphone, so using it one-handed isn’t really possible for most people. The unique algorithm of ColorOS 7 helps third-party applications automatically adapt to the dark mode. The emergence of ColorOS 6 has changed the impression many people have on the OPPO mobile phone system. Receive the freshest Android & development news right in your inbox! You can reposition the Smart Sidebar and change its opacity, and you can also hide the bar when viewing fullscreen content. There’s a pretty easy workaround for this, though, and it’s just setting the start and end times to be a minute apart. Files I deleted in WhatsApp and. Thus, these features seem (or rather, are) unnecessary for the vast majority of users.

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