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The canvas of both apps is constrained to a single digital sheet of paper. 27 Dec 2014 Reviews. The currently selected color is displayed at the top of the popup view and tapping it opens the same color swatch-style picker that radiates out from the image of the selected color. Long pressing the plus button reveals options to add a new drawing, section, or project, or to paste from the clipboard, import a compatible file, or take a picture. However, you don’t see every Project when you open the Gallery. The brushes and tools on the wheel are selected by tapping on the one you want to use; tapping on a selected brush or tool again opens its settings. Because the app doesn’t integrate with the Files app, there is no way to store drawings in project files with other types of documents. The one-page-at-a-time interface of both apps also made it hard to annotate more than a single screenshot per page without running out of space. Opacity can be adjusted by layer too, which is handy for tracing over an image on another layer. You will be able to use real-scale paper size guides, sharp zoom, layout guides, a variety of pens and brushes, graph paper, and so much more. Finally, Guide can overlay a dashed line, arc, angle, ellipse, or rectangle on the screen. It also offers a level of control over the tools I use that fits well with how I approach text editors. The app has just gone through all kinds of improvements, updates, adjustments, fixes, and enhancements in order to continue to perform at the high level expected by users. That allows him to iterate more quickly and evolve ideas organically in an ever-expanding canvas from which he then pulls the best ideas. The copic wheel is very nice if you are used to the pens. Also, drawings can be rearranged within a project and between projects and sections with drag and drop. Attached to the side of my iPad Pro, the Pencil is always within easy reach, so I use it more now than ever. Tapping on the center of the tool wheel expands the tool wheel outward with additional rings of COPIC color swatches you can use to change the selected color. It’ll also give you access to advanced iOS shortcuts, tips and tricks, and lots more. It’s offered for an extra $1.99 in-app fee, but users can give it a quick test run. I’m not much of an artist though, so I was unsure how I’d use the app. To add custom brushes, infinite layers, shape guides, additional export options, and other features, a one-time payment option is available for $9.99 as part of the app’s Essentials Pack. It’s completely free to download with no obligation to purchase the Precision Mode. One of my favorite touches is that when you tap on the inner ring, it displays a new ring that changes along with any line width and opacity adjustments you make so you can see what the result will look like before you try the modified tool with it. Before diving into Concepts’ workspace though, it’s worth noting that the drawings you create with the app are vector art. 21K likes. Precision Mode is a drawing aide that allows users to create a perfect curve or line, which is a near impossible feat for most. The top right corner of the bar across the top of the app includes a button for sorting drawings manually, by date created, date updated, and alphabetically too. subscriptions that unlock everything above, plus library and color palette sharing. The bar, which is roughly the height of the status bar, is very narrow. It’s a great way to digest the basics first and then explore what add-on features or a subscription might add that fits with your needs. The Gallery view is probably my least favorite part of Concepts. Yarrow Cheney’s Cindy-Lou Who from Concepts to final art (Source:

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