construction management services scope of work

The entire updated list of contract documents is required including all addendums, sketches, specifications, bulletins, or any other formally issued document that describes the project. Specialty insurance coverage must be carefully evaluated. Sending an email does NOT have the same effect! If you don’t know, take the time to ask someone that is experienced and knowledgeable regarding the scope of work you are detailing. Special inspection and monitoring requirements for the specific items within this scope of work. Interpretation of the term “ adequate manpower “ must be clarified on the scope of work and clearly discussed at the face to face, scope review meeting. This is an incomplete list and must be expanded, each time you trip over another missed scope item, or an incomplete analysis of work responsibilities. Normally this would be a 48 or 72 hour window to correct any non-compliance. This will require a knowledgeable and experienced project manager, as well as the time and place, to hold the meetings. 2 RFP No. If possible, it is important to clearly designate the specific work scope for the individual contractor on the schedule and discuss the interaction of this work with other trades on the project. What are the retainage agreements between the two parties, and how do they relate to the payment terms of the contract? Be specific, detailed and professional when developing the scope of work for your contracts. “If we missed it on the documents, and you know it needs to be there, you own it! Special blasting or underpinning insurance requirements. 2 0 obj endobj Include a clause that clearly identifies the amount of time that will be allowed, from the notice to correct issued by the primary contractor, and the correction of the issue. Obviously this is totally dependent upon the individual project. The purpose of CM is to control a project's time / delivery, cost and quality—sometimes referred to as a project management triangle or "triple constraints." 1 0 obj What are the requirements between the two parties to share bonding costs? The updated construction schedule must be included in the scope of work responsibility. What are some of the most important details, which must be clearly identified, within the scope of work for subcontractors? . endobj stream Installation specifics; doors, windows, etc. As – built responsibility for utilities, etc. This is a more difficult summary, due to the fact that each project, each owner, architect, insurance agency, bonding company, etc. %PDF-1.7 . The intent of this solicitation and resulting Contract is to obtain professional construction management services for the construction of station improvements at VRE’s Quantico Station in Quantico, Virginia. 2 0 obj We provide the following services; How can a Project Manager assist you; Code of Professional Ethics for the Construction Project Manager; Construction Management Scope of Services ; Project Management Scope of Services; Projects. Each owner and architect are trying desperately to include a requirement within their contractual agreements that basically states. / this is normally a vague issue, Certification of all roofing requirements, Fasteners / special applications or requirements, Vapor barrier placement / it is essential to identify and clarify the placement of required vapor barriers, On site manufacturer’s rep / review of installed work, Flashing responsibility and coordination / masonry and carpentry, Protection of finished surfaces / need to identify the responsibility / coordinate with schedule, Cleaning and sealing of the finishes / when in the construction process, Waxing or special sealer applications required by the manufacturer. Site access for all trades, haul roads, etc. Again, dependent upon the project, the liquidated damage clause of the contract, if it exists, must be discussed, and a responsibility for these damages shared between the contractual parties. This requirement has become more common in the last several years. Traffic control is very important, especially if there are street utility obligations. If you have not been associated with construction, and have not been exposed by certain repeated issues on every project, you will not have the sense of urgency to include these items, within the scope of work, nor the frustration, when they are repeatedly missed. and must be expanded, each time you trip over another missed scope item, or an incomplete analysis of work responsibilities. It is essential and mandatory that each contractor have onsite, a competent and knowledgeable supervisor. must be clearly and accurately identified. Remember, if you are using vagueness to hide behind, the other contractor will do the same thing! 1 0 obj . Sidewalk permits / specifically identify responsibility both on the site and financially, Street opening permits / specifically identify responsibility both on the site and financially, Blasting permits and vibration monitoring. How We Work; Project Management. I will attempt to list the items that have repeatedly plagued me in my career, regarding specific scope items, per specific trade. Replacement filters, screens, belts, etc. “If a coworker or family member cannot explain what the scope is and what success looks like then this foundational section needs to be updated until it is crystal clear.” Section 3: Scope of work. It is recommended, that there be a personal, in person, review of the required scope of work for each trade. Please trust me on this, I have been paid lots of money, to clarify and complete projects, which had no detailed scopes of work and therefore no chance of success. 4 0 obj . <>/Metadata 776 0 R/ViewerPreferences 777 0 R>> The SOW document serves as a contract or agreement contains information on how the work performed will be accomplishment. . Is there reduction of retainage clauses, or limited retainage provisions? The importance of accurately detailing the entire scope of work that is required for each discipline, on a construction project, is vitally important to the overall success of that project. Permitted techniques for existing utility excavation, such as hydro excavation requirements. In addition, the third party inspector requirement has become very popular, in efforts to deflect any responsibility from the project architects and engineers, and place the responsibilities on the third party inspectors. Dependent upon the project, there may be special inspection requirements that need to be shared between the two contractual parties. Such items as underpinning or blasting, may require special insurance coverage, these costs must be associated with the proper subcontractors. ��KV?I[����An�eJ��Ϲ�^�m2.�v܉��� KN�,9�_�T�)5I�ڄ7���I��V�@��]a�J���$���@��ăɹ��a� �g�x��5��+ �Bf�h(R`9��EQK_p�Ry��/b��c;r�t�=uɔP�Fˀ��@�%��. The selected firm is referred to herein the Scope of Work as the “Consultant” or “Construction Manager (CM)”.

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