durdle door jump

Durdle Door beach is packed with tourists once again and some continue to dive off the beauty spot's iconic arch despite police declaring the area "closed" after four people were injured, three seriously, jumping from cliff less than 24 hours ago. 'Tombstoning' is when thrill seekers jump vertically from a cliff or pier into the sea. Shocking footage shows the tombstoner jumping from 200ft Durdle Door in Dorset, only to be pulled from the sea with a broken back by hero paddle-boarders Michael Wiley and Dylan Kirkwood. It is owned by the Welds, a family who own 12,000 acres (50 km 2) in Dorset in the name of the Lulworth Estate. Last weekend three people were seriously injured after 'tombstoning' 200ft off Durdle Door archway into the sea. People were jumping from the 200ft high Durdle Door arch, police say. Three people have been seriously injured jumping off cliffs into the sea at a beach in Dorset. Three people have been seriously hurt at a beach on the Jurassic coast. Durdle Door (sometimes written Durdle Dor) is a natural limestone arch on the Jurassic Coast near Lulworth in Dorset, England. Air ambulances landed at the scene at Durdle Door on … Durdle Door at Lulworth has seen a rise in 'tombstone' incidents 0 comment COASTGUARD chiefs have issued a grave warning over 'tombstoning' after men were caught jumping from Durdle Door into the sea. It is open to the public. Lulworth Coastguard has issued a full account of what happened yesterday (Saturday 30th May 2020) at Durdle Door and its response to the critical incident that involved three helicopters and left two people with major injuries, one with serious injuries and a fourth with a broken ankle. A video of the scene earlier today taken from a boat off the coast has been posted to …

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