explain the role of computers in front office

8) HOUSEKEEPING: Coordination with the front office is one of the most important features of housekeeping. 1.1.1 Front Office Manager As this department is located around the foyer area of the hotel and is visible to the guests, patrons and visitors, they are collectively called “Front Office”. Draw the organization chart of front office department of a medium hotel? 5 30. What is an office? Explain the role of computer in the below mentioned hotel departments? It can be defined as a front of the housing department located around the foyer and the lobby area of a hospitality property. For a hotel business, the finance management starts at the front office. Hospital is an important organization. We can computerize the accounting, payroll and stock system of the hospital. Completes guest check-in procedures. We can use computer for the administration of a hospital. Explain any six characteristics of computer? USAGES OF COMPUTER IN HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY 1) Computers are used extensively by lodging managers and their assistants to keep track of guests’ bills, reservations, room assignments, meetings, and special events. As the front office is responsible to sell the hotel accommodations, it is a major driving force for generating revenue. Role & functions of the office 1. The part of this department are Front Office Manager, Assistant Front Office Manager, Front Desk Representative, Night Auditor, Cashier, Reservationist and Telephone Operator. Mention any five functions of below mentioned sections of front office? Auditing is nothing but conducting financial inspection of the organization. As tablet technology continues to improve, it is becoming increasingly integrated into the workplace. Completes cashier pre-shift supply checklist. 1. As soon as the guest depart, the front office informs the housekeeping via telephone or computer and reports how many rooms have been vacated, so that housekeeping can take over and clean and repair any furniture as may be necessary. Office Orientation The Role and functions of the office 2. 5 31. Explain how computer can be useful in medical field. Clarifies customers question or concerns about the charges on their bills. The Front Office is also called the nerve centre of a hotel. For example, in a retail scenario, front office functions might include sales transactions, informational resources, and all customer service activities. All departments play an important role to make the guest feel satisfy with our service. Hospital Administration. The office is the centre of all business activities, whether it is located in one room or several rooms, and needs a certain amount of information in order to function properly. Obtains the house bank and keeps it balanced. a) Telephone Exchange b) Reservation c) Information desk 29. The front office of investment banking, mainly deal with sales and trading, which help to boost up profit as much as possible. In the worlds of business and finance, the front office typically describes all of the functions that involve customer interaction. As this is the most important role in the front office, employees receive the highest salary compared to staff in the same position in other industries. Accurate posting of transactions on the guest folios start at the front office, which is further carried to the back-office accounting department. FRONT OFFICE CASHIER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Operates front office posting software. Hence, communication within and out of front office department needs to … Front office communication with other departments can make or break the guests’ stay at the hotel.

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