fender birdseye maple neck

Its sound is characterized by good bite and attack, bright, but not brittle like hard Maple. However, some necks have a very rounded back and are somewhat "fat" feeling, while others can have a V-shape in the back that fits into the palm of your hand. Accurate measurement is the only way to ensure compatibility of parts. Birdseye Maple: This is the same species tree as plain maple, however, due to characteristics within the tree, it has a beautiful Birdseye figure, and therefore more expensive. Roasted Maple is maple that has been heat treated to remove sugars, moisture, and other impurities that can affect its stability. Weight varies somewhat from medium to heavy, a good wood for basses and in combination with other woods to create hollow body guitars. There is a great deal of variation from board to board in the appearance and density of this figure. NOTICE: Please turn on Javascript in your browser to enable Checkout and other features of this website. Our beautiful gold fretwire is a nickel-free copper alloy similar in color to 12k gold. This is a very stable hardwood, ranging in color from dark purple to various shades of yellow and orange. Dense, closed grain is easy to finish. A deep eggplant purple that wears towards purplish-brown. Binding material options include: Our fretboard binding is installed before the frets. Necks and fingerboards are as different and varied as bodies. It looks good in any style finish. Ebony: Ebony is the hardest and smoothest, fastest feeling fingerboard wood due to its tight grain. Watch; Musikraft USA Fender Guitar Neck 5A Birdseye Maple Wizard Thin D Profile. This is not a reliced finish. Appearance: White, with light, straight grain patterns. Ebony is a premium wood found on high-end guitars, and is preferred by some players for its silky, fast feel. is a good chance what you’re looking for is already there. Each is beautifully figured and inherently unique, offering you the chance to create a one-of-a-kind bass that is as satisfying to look at as it is to play. Tone: Bright midrange and a thick, well defined bottom. Great for lead playing, tapping, and “shredding”. Feel: Low and narrow. This top-quality, German-made Jescar EVO wire is solid throughout and will never turn brassy or look worn. Fender will seldom, if ever use Northern Ash. Tone: Well balanced and tight - similar to Maple. Birdseye Maple: This is the same species tree as plain maple, however, due to characteristics within the tree, it has a beautiful Birdseye figure, and therefore more expensive. C $269.99; Buy It Now; Free Shipping; 16 Watching. Appearance: Bright vivid red, which oxidizes to a warm brown with use. Rosewood is the most popular fingerboard available. They are not universal, however. A Double-expanding truss rod so stable it almost never needs adjusting. It is available on bass necks with 1-1/2" or 1-11/16" nut widths only. A J Bass® replacement neck installed in a J Bass® or P Bass® neck pocket results in a good fit. The headstock features a Fender gold spaghetti logo and two Fender string trees for added tuning stability--as well as some very nice upraded locking tuners. it has a similar sound though not as bright. Its ingredients are brass and nickel. Appearance: A straight, fine grain that is reddish, with darker streaks. Compare. Swamp Ash is the more popular wood. Characteristics: Hard synthetic material. Maple: There are two types of maple, Northern Hard (Hard Rock Maple) and Western Soft (Big leaf Maple). $350.00. Finish: Required. Finishes done by Warmoth meet this warranty requirement. It is very comfortable to play on and will feel familiar to most bassists. It also makes fret maintenance easier and less expensive. It shows best in flat sawn wood. Most of them are solid bodies, which are guitars carved from solid wood, usually several pieces, that are laminated together. Ebony's tone is bright and clean, more than maple. Tone: Bright, with a good bite and nice sustain. Watch; Warmoth Telecaster Flame Birdseye Maple Neck Relic Project. Koa: This very beautiful wood indigenous to Hawaii. Popular with bassists who prefer a feel closer to fretless. Every nut is custom cut to the specific neck dimensions with the result being a nearly perfect nut, compensated for fret height, nut width, fretboard radius, etc. Comfortable, familiar feel and fret spacing. You can get a nice V to C or fat C BE maple strat neck for around the $200 mark (depending on the other bidders). If you are not satisfied with the neck blank you received, you are welcome to return it for a refund or exchange. White, with light, straight grain patterns. The grain is open and also difficult to finish but well worth the trouble, a beautiful choice for clear finishes. This is not a durable wood and not used for clear finishes, but because of its dark warm tone is still a fine selection. It is a tinted color. Bass nuts are cut to accommodate standard guage string sets: Characteristics: Extremely low friction - improves tuning stability. Bubinga is a very stiff, strong, and stable wood long used by Rickenbacker for fingerboards. Options include: Compatibility Information: When ordering a matching Maple Fretboard you may only select the same variety and grade of wood as your Neck Wood selection. The sound of Maple is very bright with a lot of bite. The Builder guides you step-by-step and makes customizing your guitar or bass parts easy. Choose an inlay shape and inlay material overlay. When customizing a bolt-on instrument a proper fit between body and neck is essential. Copyright © 2020 Warmoth Guitar Products. White, with especially vivid striped grain patterns. With rare exception, necks are made out of mahogany or maple. Mix and match for ideas to customize your guitar neck order. Because of variations in string length due to intonation, scale length is often calculated by doubling the distance from the nut to the twelfth fret. The J Bass® fretboard radius is 10". Your choice of fret size and material, or fretless. It is installed in a flat slot directly under the fingerboard and consists of two long shafts which are welded together at the headstock end of the neck. Musical Instruments & Gear (5) Guitars & Basses (5) Format see all Format. Today Fender® and many other manufacturers still use Fender's® original neck and neck-pocket dimensions. Despite the name "nickel/silver," this wire contains no silver at all. The look and feel are similar to the modern Fender® neck finish. Warranty Information: Tuner bushings from different manufacturers are not always identical in size. Shallow slots are cut on the underside of the fingerboard to accomodate their extra height.

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