field hockey for beginners

No third party. Proudly created with 3. It increases your agility and hand-eye coordination as well. For my MYP Personal Project, I aspired to 'grow the game' and create a source for those out there interested in starting this amazing sport. Your greatest weapon on the field. Here are some tips. Hockey helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle by working out multiple muscles in your body. +66 06-1504-7123. Help 'grow the game' by sharing it with friends interested in playing! These keep your shins protected from getting hit by the ball/sticks. Obstruction is a foul - This is shielding the ball with your body, 7. Field hockey is all about teamwork, so coaches aren't looking for ball hogs. This keeps your teeth and lips safe just in case you get hit. 2. I remember how nervous I was trying out for my high school field hockey team last year having started not that long ago. Cheer on your teammates and make good passes rather than taking bad shots. By setting up cones in certain formations, players can weave around the cones, trying not to touch them. Listen to the coaches' instructions. - Defense stays back to assist the goalie and regain possession of the ball. That's why I created this site, and I hope it helped you find your ground. I hope you all found this useful. There are several types of hits used in different situations, 8. It's a goal of mine to spread my love for this game and get more people playing all over the world! The ball cannot hit your feet. The biggest part of learning how to play field hockey is being able to control the ball when dribbling. Not always required, but will keep your eyes protected from the ball. Go for a run, sprint, and workout to prepare for tryouts. Focus on fitness as well. It's definitely a necessity! Once you get the hang of it, it becomes a big part of your life. Proudly created with Good source for coaches teaching beginners as well. You cannot raise the stick above your waist during regular plays, 6. Beginners don't always have the same outlets as those who have been playing longer and have more experience. This sport keeps you in shape! This is also a great space for those who are also coaching beginners. My name is Kiera O'Connor. Your greatest weapon on the field. I am a current sophomore at NIST who has grown to love field hockey. Tryouts are hard and can be a scary experience when you're not 100% confident playing just yet. 36 Sukhumvit Road Soi 15, Klongtoey Nua, Wattana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110 - NIST International School, ©2018 by Field Hockey for Beginners. Be respectful; don't be talking to your friends the whole time. Thank you for visiting this site. FIELD HOCKEY FOR BEGINNERS. Build Confidence. Try to check your school's website for more information. Drills, basics, & more. There is also a section dedicated to calming your nerves for tryouts! - Hands are apart as pictured - Basic Grip, - Ball stays in contact with the stick as it is 'pushed', - Make sure your body stays low and you follow through, - Good for quick, accurate movement and ball control, - Stick is brought down swiftly from a backswing, - Strike the ball with a long follow through, - Good for long distance passes and shots on goal, - Stick stays in contact with the ground during this circular motion, - Sweep the stick forward from your back foot to your front foot, - Also good for long distance passes and shots towards goal. I am also coaching a field hockey ECA through my school (NIST). Be on time to tryouts and be ready to warm up. The game starts on the center line. Everyone has their own stick, and the objective of the game is to get the ball into the other team's goal. It's definitely a. - Midfielders take the ball up the field and help both defend and attack. If you have come to this website as one of the players that is a part of this ECA looking for what I have planned for each session, you can press the button below for more information on what's going on. 2. ... ©2018 by Field Hockey for Beginners. Interested in learning field hockey? 1 mile), drills, shots on goal, and scrimmages. Build Skills. Be a team player. Defenders stay close to the goal,  midfielders stay closer to the center line, and forwards stay up towards the opposing goal. You want to be in good shape! ©2018 by Field Hockey for Beginners. Everyone has their own stick, and the objective of the game is to get the ball into the other team's goal. You cannot raise your stick above your waste during regular play. I recently moved to Bangkok, Thailand from the US where field hockey is not commonly played. Even if it's just working on stick skills by yourself or passing around with someone, going out and practicing will better your skills. Tryouts often consist of sprints, a long distance run (ex. If you can, practice as much as possible. Let me know if you have any lingering questions! Being on a team sport creates new bonds with people and allows you to grow relationships. There are 4 positions - Forward, Midfield, Defense, and Goalie 4. Field hockey is a great way to make  new friends! If you are taking a free hit, it is up to the... 3. It's a great sport for any age, size, or sex. 3. KNOWLEDGE & RULES 1. There are 4 positions - Forward, Midfield, Defense, and Goalie, 5. You must face your opponent head on (shoulder to shoulder) if you... 4. ​​. Leave knowing you did your absolute best, and have no regrets. Soft reminder this was created to assist beginners in learning basics, not necessarily those at an intermediate/advanced level. If you're here in search of information for getting started, click on the button below. If you're unsure of whether you want to start playing or not, consider these things; 1. The field is normally played on a football field in most high schools (100 yards), often turf. Session 1 - Ball Control Drill. You cannot tackle (go for the ball) from behind. If you're looking for drills for further practice, you can go to the ECA tab as I have put up the drills to help the younger kids I coach get used to the game. Have all your gear on and be ready to go. Drink plenty of water, eat a healthy breakfast, and get plenty of sleep the night before. It is 11 v 11 when including the goalie. Bring a positive attitude and positive energy to tryouts. Field Hockey beginners beginners Youth Field Hockey drills, session plan, lesson plans and practices Learn here! I doubted myself and beat myself up for making mistakes. Coaches vary in how they set up their players, but the diagram to the right is a typical example of where a coach might put each player. You can only use the flat side of the stick 2. You can only use the flat side of the stick. The ball can NOT touch your foot 5. Remember, walk onto that field and give it all you got. Do not worry! No hacking - Repeatedly hitting another player's stick. Proudly created with, Find the information you're looking for on this website. Get In Touch. 1. - Forwards are the lead scorers and receive the ball typically from midfielders. The main reason to play is field hockey is  because it's so much fun. There you will find information on basic rules & knowledge of the game, equipment, and useful drills to learn the skills you need to play.

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