floyd rose special review

It maintains most of the quality and craftsmanship present in the original Floyd Rose tremolo, and at a much lesser price. By Teo from colombia Sunday, October 21, 2018 Verified Buyer. The Non-Fine Tuner System. It is very simply sadddles. More than anything, I seem to hear the most confusion about this one. pros and cons? Write a review. I am looking into getting a Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder FR S, and the bridge on their spec list is the "Floyd Rose Special Hot Rod (Schecter Exclusive)" but I can't find any info on the bridge itself, I am familiar with the Floyd Rose Original Hot Rod, but I cant find anything on the schecter exclusive. Floyd Rose Non Fine Tuner Nickel. Fit and materials (saddles, etc) are relatively cheap, though the baseplate is actually decent and seems to wear and perform decently. If it comes down to the Special or some of the imported licensed versions out there, I’d stick with the Floyd Rose brand. I have tried a few of the Special units on a few different guitars. Awesome. This is a stable mechanism, wherein the strings are locked to ensure that they don’t move even with ‘tremolo’ use. The Floyd Rose Special is the cheaper version of the Original Floyd Rose. whats the difference between the two models? 4.50 average rating from 12 reviews; Sort by. The bridge is made of steel (stainless, coiled and … These are also manufactured in South Korea, but with Floyd Rose strict quality control which ensures consistent build quality. The Floyd Rose Original features a double-locking tremolo system — one on the nut and the other on the bridge. The Special is better than a lot of older "OEM" trems, but its quality is definitely not up to that of the original Floyd Rose. It is just Special Floyd Rose. The Floyd Rose worked flawlessly, and it's nice to see Fender offering this, as well as the HSS pickup configuration, as an option.

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