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You can even leave your house and other belongings for your kiddo when you, err, die. If he chooses truth, he has to answer the first question truthfully like “Have you ever peed in a pool?”. Whenever you think that both of you are getting too engaged in work or other daily activities, try out some games to keep that spark alive. Keep the next truth or dare secret until they made their decision otherwise, it will influence which one they pick. Well, there are so many ways to fill this void. The best couch co-op games for couples. ). But that does not end there; you’ll get to ask your partner questions every time you successfully shoot a ping pong ball to their cup. To add your SO on QuizUp, open the sidebar menu by sliding from right to left of the screen and look for the ‘Friends’ option. It’s a great game to beat each other’s scores. To make things interesting, some events will happen randomly in your house or life around it. One partner begins and chooses a situation from the past like “Your first day in school”, “When you got your favorite birthday gift”, “The first time you left the country”, “Your best friend from high school”, “When you graduated”. funny pick up lines? Words With Friends 2 is a sequel to the old Words With Friends. If the guesser did not find out the object before 20 questions are asked, he loses. However, you have to personalize it a bit to play it in a romantic way. The basic set is you have to enter a word that starts with the last letter of the word entered by your opponent and so on. But, you can also play with your partner by adding them to your friend list. The premium wood board is compact and portable so you don’t need a big table for this drinking game. You can connect with your better half and challenge for a quick song quiz. In this game, one partner has to ask the other partner a question that has two options and they have to choose one of them. This non-competitive card game is made for couples to improve their relationship. Here’s a sample statement you can use as a guide: date night at home when it’s raining outside, Drinking Games for People Who Never Drink. Portal 2 Co-Op Campaign, TowerFall Ascension, and Stardew Valley are probably your best bets out of the 22 options considered. It also provides a real-time voice chat option and also options to send quick emojis while playing. If the guesser did not find out the object before 20 questions are asked, he loses. Ask your bae to play the game, and whoever is losing has to do what their significant other asks them to do. Read: 10 Android and iOS Games to Make You Smarter. This is best played if you are having a double date with two pairs of couples. One shot, one joke. You can either increase your emotional or your physical intimacy while you master the tasks. Cool, huh. Now the boyfriend or any other players have to confess if they have ever done this action by taking a shot of alcohol, eating something or telling the story about when and how they did it. Games help couples stay connected while having fun. This is the alcoholic version of it. There is a control panel with buttons, dials, and whatnot. Enter this simulation game where you can get married and raise a family with your spouse. Virtual Families 2 can help you out. This game is also available as, The person who starts has to make three statements about himself, two are true and one is a lie. You will adopt a baby and then raise him/her to be a better person. This question game will spark a lot of interesting conversation topics.; Popular Games; Couple Games… Be careful that it doesn’t collapse or the game is over. The characters and places you earn along the line makes the game more interesting. Read: 14 Best Space Games for Android and iOS. Instructions are given to your teammates instead of you which is why you need to coordinate. However, this section could also be called “question games” but unlike the previous chapter where questions where mostly used for entertainment purposes, the following games use personal questions to connect with each other. It’s a chess app that lets you play against the computer or random people on the Internet. Just a Line isn’t a game but an AR app where you can draw lines in the AR. It’s a location-based game so you can also view scores of other word players who are around you. If you are a fan of the show, you will love this game. If you are doing dirty questions, be careful with statements that involve your ex-partner to avoid jealousy and drama. I will also add links to example questions so you can pick your favorite ones. The loser will be the one to drink and then share the trivia after. Try to make those options either equally great or bad so it’s hard to make a decision. Question Games for Couples. It might look and sound like Monopoly but it’s completely different. The ghost is not able to speak and can only communicate by sending visions, which are not easy to interpret. Everything you need is there but you have to find and hunt for it. You can also use each question as a point, for example, if the guess finds out the object with only 8 questions, he gets (20 – 8) 12 points. It’s a new and emerging trend among couples. The ball is attached to a string so it doesn’t get dirty falling on the ground, you don’t have to chase it and it’s much easier to get it out of a cup. Once you got the hang of it, the game quickly addictive and you also get a perfect angle and speed over the experience to attack. New. You and your partner are members of an elite disease control team. This is not a question game where someone wins or loses, it’s about getting to know each other even more and you’ll be surprised that you still don’t know everything about your loved one. There are so many games multiplayer Android and iOS games for couples out there. Prior to the game, both of you will list down interesting trivia about yourself. Here are some guide questions to help you get started: This game is for couples who have great sense of humor or just want a good laugh. It’s a good way to ask fun questions to your partner that you wouldn’t dare ask in person. Virtual Families 2 is free and ad supported, Download Virtual Families 2 (Android | iOS). Check out this list and enjoy. The “it” will have the choice to answer the question or drink a whole bottle of beer if they opt to not answer. All the games can only be played on the same phone and the app doesn’t support playing on local wifi or internet. If you are a scrabble fan, you will love BattleText. Who doesn’t? That makes this couple game a winner! The symbols are collected by correctly answering questions or accomplishing tasks that are written on the playing cards. If you are not able to do that before the time is over, the temple collapses and you will be sealed inside of it forever, which means both of you have lost the game. Words With Friends is free to download and ad-supported which can be removed with an in-app purchase. But among all the people playing the game, there will be an imposter who kills other players who are performing their tasks for the preparation. Competitive Games – For partners who like to compete. First, you flip a black card which describes an object, place or activity like “something you lick” or “something you do in Vegas” or “weird place to be nude”. Once the cell reaches 3 orbs in it, it explores and continues the explosion to surrounding orbs. But it has one key feature where you can collaborate with others and view the same lines on both the phone. It’s a quick and easy game, each player has disks in one color and has to drop them into the grid. There are many free flash games that you can play with your partner sitting next to you. Now you have to find different parts and build a flying machine to escape the city before a sand storm comes and buries everything. This is a game that requires a lot of communication and trust to find the correct imposter among them.

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