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A mattress is a very individual item, so I am sure many would love it. You cannot fold it, you cannot roll it and you can barely get it up the stairs to the second floor with 4 grown men pushing and shoving. Spring mattresses Foam & latex mattresses Crib mattresses Kids mattresses Mattress toppers Mattress & pillow protectors We all sleep differently and have difference preferences, which is why IKEA features a variety of different mattresses … Terrible mattress for people with back problems, This mattress was advertised as medium firm. When you now lay down on the middle of bed, you immediately roll to the left or right into one of those sagged pits in the mattress. All Rights Reserved. I have had this mattress for 3-4 weeks now and am very happy. We reached out to Ikea's customer service several weeks ago and hope that they will get back to us. Every day for the last 1 1/2 years have been a pain. A key difference to the foam and latex mattresses, however, is that the open spring construction helps air flow through the mattress. Join Yahoo … I bought this mattress a couple of months ago, and the mattress is fine. 64 % cotton, 36 % polyester, Polyester/viscose (rayon) fiber wadding, Non-woven polypropylene, 100 % polyester, Non-woven polypropylene, 64 % cotton, 36 %polyester, PET plastic. My mattress sits in an IKEA bed frame - a 4 poster white queen with higher side. I found it too wife liked it. Combined with two layers of pocket springs and one layer of mini pocket springs, you are in for a cool and blissful sleep. I am a larger person and the last mattress I had was memory foam that just did not support me. The problem is I don't have anywhere I can keep it flat for 72 hours! We bought this bed 6 months ago and love it. The quality as always is superb. But this is definitely not one of them. To be completed with a slatted bed base or mattress base. I must say some people unfair to it. You won’t have any trouble finding a mattress in a size that perfectly fits your sleeping quarter, whether it’s an enormous master bedroom or a small and cozy space. A soft layer of mini pocket springs in the integrated pillowtop and top layer of the mattress, contours to the natural curves of the body to enhance comfort. I would recommend this mattress to not really heavy people (I weight 116 pounds). Its been more than 8 months. Sadly, we are unable to transport this huge and heavy mattress ourselves back to IKEA to return it (either on warranty or on their 365 exchange promise). Can't you lean it against a wall, even if it's against your wardrobe or something ? We sleep for one-third of our lives, which also means we spend roughly one-third of our life on different kinds of mattresses. It is by far the most comfortable bed I have ever sleep on, it's amazing. Returned that mattress and bought this one, which he loves! In the spring mattress HOLMSBU you can relax fully on a surface of cooling memory foam together with a layer of mini pocket springs while two layers of pocket springs support and cradle your body. It's the best night's sleep ive ever had. I don't weight much so I like softer mattress. 0 0. So I got the mattress on IKEA promotion and paid for it around 650$. And it worked !!! After a few months the mattress started to sag heavily. Still have questions? Surprisingly even Spring Mattress is roll packed on Ikea. Designed to be used on one side only – no need to turn. Two layers of individually wrapped pocket springs, in the mattress core, work independently and closely follow your body giving you support in all the right places. Available for delivery in select locations. If you’d like to join in, please sign in or register. When the mattress is in place, just unzip and remove the cover. I put a 3 inch log under the mattress creating a bump at the line of the hip. It seems that is greatly constrains the breathability of the mattress. Do you prefer a broad and firm mattress that feels great to stretch out on, or a soft mattress that you can sink into like a dream? For one person not more than 125 pounds this mattress is amazing. I went to IKEA store and tried all of them and it was the best for me. It says that it should be left for 72 hours before use. After you unpack the mattress, you have to wait 72 Hours to be able to use. Find out more about browser cookies. Listen now for interviews with the biggest soap stars and all the latest spoilers - available on every major podcast app , Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. He likes firm I like medium firmness. We have had the mattress for 3 full months. At IKEA, mattress selection has never been easier. One mattress feels like sleeping on a field beneath the stars, another feels like resting on a cloud. What I did ? While initially the mattress came back up a bit during the day, the sagging is now permanent. Highly recommended. I deeply regret not returning it before the 365 days. The smell isn’t harmful or toxic and disappears over time. My hips sank too much .And I had back pain during the night . We tried standing the bed up to get the gel in place but the lumps are still there and it feels like we are sleeping in a hole with rocks. I have a queen one. The IKEA spring mattress is priced firmly in the budget and discount category, where it competes with brands like Juno, Classic Brands, and Zinus. I bought this about 18 months ago. 8 years ago. You must enable JavaScript to shop on Foam and latex mattresses mold to the shape of your body and distribute your weight evenly. Introducing the Soap Scoop podcast! Our Spring mattresses also distribute your weight evenly, so that there’s no extra pressure on any part of your body. 750 top layer mini pocket springs/Queen size. Gel infused memory foam molds to your body, just like ordinary memory foam. Great return policy!!! This mattress has an extra protective cover with handles on all sides, which makes it easier to carry. The IKEA spring mattress is made in Mexico, retails at $179 USD / $299 CAD for a queen, and can be exchanged for another mattress …

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