importance of marketing mix in tourism industry

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It is the different ways you communicate, sell, and describe your services. What most successful tour and activity operators do is conduct service blueprinting in order to properly define their services. Sign up for our 5-day email course to sell more tours below: Editor’s note: Originally published by Robert Fink in April 2018. /Contents 4 0 R This P refers to a product that a consumer needs and wants to buy and is at the heart of the marketing mix. Learn how to supercharge your online sales. /Filter /FlateDecode 4 0 obj The good news is that you can use various distribution strategies that reflect your objectives. Marketers want to ensure that brand recognition exists so that customers will use their services again and again. Tourism companies need to inform and persuade potential customers. There are many Marketing mix articles here on marketing91 and we keep analysing more and more. So you should include all the relevant information that a customer needs to know in order to gauge value. << Promotion is intended to inform the customers about the products, create an image about the product, and position the products in the market. /F5 18 0 R << /Parent 2 0 R If the product is branded, the customers find it more reliable. Planning and costing tours: When the contracts and arrangements are finalized, then you can start planning and costing the tour. Updated in July 2020. >> Sales promotions of short-term activities in order to boost sales during peak demand seasons are also a good way for you to gain market share. Tourism marketing is different because the customer purchases a series of services. However, to succeed in using it, you need to provide quality services. Profit margins are set without compromising the competitive advantage. That will depend on the tour selected as well as individual requirements. /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] The typical operation process for most tour and activity operators is as follows: Tour information: The information regarding travel must be provided at a convenient location where a prospective customer can seek information about their tour. Advertising the products on television commercials, newspapers, radio stations, and websites. The service industry relies heavily on professionalism and customer service. /F1 6 0 R Services often need to be booked in advance in order to deliver the service to customer expectations and requirements; unlike tangible goods which are kept in stock and ready for purchase at any time. The goal is to create awareness of your tour and activity offers by using visual scenes of events, venues, and activities as your main tools. The potential of a tourist destination lies in its attractiveness or aesthetic value, accessibility, and the facilities it provides to the tourists. Ticketing: This typically involves online reservation systems and booking software. The product must be designed to highlight its features and to satisfy the tourist’s needs. Want to learn more about marketing your tour company? The quality of the tourist experience as a product is directly proportional to the quality of the service a tourism business provides. All in all, your final pricing needs to take into consideration labor, material, and overhead costs. /Resources << It is a form of sales promotion which at times proves to be rewarding for the customers. It assumes that the service is a product but adds 3 more Ps which are integral to optimum service delivery. Commonly followed pricing policies include −. /Length 5828 The term describes the combination of elements that make up the strategic marketing plan for a product. Place is where your customers buy your service and how you enable them to view and evaluate it. Promotion is how customers find out about your tour operation business. The right promotion will determine how you maximize the frequency of visits. /F3 12 0 R So when you create your promotional messages, you need to use terms that highlight the benefits of your services as opposed to its features. Variable Pricing − pricing varies with respect to the variation in features of a product. In 1960, E. Jerome McCarthy, a marketer, introduced the four Ps classification of product, promotion, price, and place to refine the marketing mix concept. The most essential strategy in marketing is the socalled Marketing Mix. /F2 9 0 R Since your services are largely intangible, your best bet may be to sell exclusively online. Nowadays the leader of online word-of-mouth is definitely TripAdvisor. >> As a tour operator it is important to understand the basics of marketing. Get valuable advice and tips on how to build a profitable and thriving online ticket store. As a tour and activity operator, you need to ensure that all stages of the processes preceding delivery of your service are planned and executed as well as possible. The right promotion will determine how you maximize the frequency of visits. Promotion in the tourism industry primarily focuses on four effective methods: Advertising, publicity, sales promotions, and word-of-mouth. You should think about how to best reach your customer base, how they will consume your service, and when they make their purchasing decision. You also need to keep an eye out for opinion leaders or influencers; and take care of them so that they can promote your service via word of mouth. The marketing mix is a term coined by Neil Borden in “The Concept of the Marketing Mix,” an article that was published in 1948. Brochures, in particular, are important in showing how different elements of your offerings are well thought out. These four tourism marketing strategies can help you figure out the best way to enhance your business and stay present in the industry. The main tools could be seasonal offers or special sales (e.g. Discount Pricing − This strategy calls for reductions to a basic Price of product or services. Three more Ps were later added to take into account the unique characteristics of the services market: physical evidence, people, and processes. The service marketing mix is also referred to as an extended marketing mix that is an essential part of any service marketing plan. Loss Leader Pricing − It is selling few products at prices lower than the actual prices. Determining the price of the product requires consideration of three key factors −. how to differentiate between good and bad tour guides. Setting Point of Sale (POS) displays at various places such as retail stores, shops, malls, or petrol pumps. They also need to be trained to have extensive knowledge of your product. For example, you can advertise visuals of beautiful cathedrals, white water rafting, relaxing massages, etc. for activities during the week or during the low season).

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