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Accept Read More. However, onboard there was quite the event after a woman gave birth to a baby boy sometime during the flight. Please Support us by turning off your adblocker. With numerous biopharmaceutical companies working hard on efficacy and safety trials, it is hopefully just a matter of time. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Airlines usually divert when such an event occurs so that the baby and child can immediately receive professional medical help. Stay informed: Sign up for our daily aviation news digest. Shocking picture emerges from first IndiGo flights: face shields for all passengers? While we do not know the baby’s name yet, he is already a part of a very exclusive club! Do you think IndiGo will move ahead with cargo-only operations? It’s a well-known fact that Airbus hasn’t been as strong as its rival Boeing when it comes to producing dedicated cargo aircraft. As travel bans and the economic slump of COVID-19 restrictions bring down air passenger numbers, cargo revenue has become increasingly lucrative. Is this what travel has come to? #LetsIndiGo ~Sneha The image is shocking, in a way, in that it depicts a plane full of passengers wearing airline-issued face shields over the top of face masks. Another factor, especially early in this crisis, was the urgent need for personal protective equipment (PPE) worldwide. We will have to wait and see if IndiGo decides to offer the baby such privileges. The image is shocking, in a way, in that it depicts a plane full of passengers wearing airline-issued face shields over the top of face masks. We even cover travel news, side hustles, backyard ideas and general money/life hacks from time to time. Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. While the need for PPE is still strong, supply lines have been established, and the urgency of this need has subsided. IndiGo Launches Hindi Website For Flight Bookings on Customers' Demand. Related to this is the anticipation of a vaccine and the large-scale distribution required upon its release. Twitter user @Desimojito posted the stunning image (below) although it’s unclear if he is/was a passenger on the flight. Deputy Editor - An experienced photographer and video producer, Chris is a journalistic natural. We will have to wait and see if IndiGo decides to offer the baby such privileges. Land transport will help, especially in developed economies with local manufacturing capacity. PTI | February 10, 2020 5:44 PM IST. One such moment occurred on an IndiGo flight yesterday from Delhi to Bangalore, where a woman gave birth to a baby boy. Indian Airport Set To Expand Into Elephant Sanctuary, Qantas Plans December Frankfurt & Paris Repatriation Flights, Canadian Federal Court Pushes Flight Refunds To Provincial Courts, Cancelation Chaos For Delta Over Thanksgiving. It's time to paint the skies blue again! Thanks for sharing. Here at the CBoardingGroup we’ve been digging into airline face mask policies, including Delta, Southwest, Spirit and United (more to come) as well as helping readers figure out where to buy a face mask for travel. Based in New Delhi, India. Several sources are reporting that Chief Executive Officer Ronojoy Dutta is looking into the possibility of cargo-only operations. Memory foam mattress vs spring mattress: which is better? However, in most cases, the child acquires the citizenship of their parents under the principle of jus sanguinis. His background in political science and economics gives him unique insight into issues surrounding international travel and governmental regulations. Thus far, we’ve not been able to determine if this is a hard and fast requirement, although we are continuing to review IndiGo’s policies. Part of this phenomenon is because a large amount of cargo transported by aircraft was moved in the hold of regularly scheduled commercial passenger flights. Here you will find travel tips, travel advice, career advice (including working from home) product and hotel reviews and lots of hilarious memes. Currently based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Click on the Export Complete Schedule option and choose between the PDF and XLS files. According to Financial Express, the airline’s CEO addressed the topic with PTI saying: “(This is) being studied as a proposal.

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