kansas vehicle registration fees

(The price at a substation would possibly have an additional transaction fee.). Registration fees in Iowa are based upon the price and weight of the vehicle. The cost of inspection is $20.00. Application for a certificate of title and registration must be made through the local county treasurer’s office where the vehicle is garaged. If two names are on the title, i.e., Mary and/or Tom Jones only one person has to come in. Thus, in order to determine what specific fees and taxes you must pay for during your renewal, either check your notice or contact your local county treasurer’s motor vehicle office. The price for personalized tags will be $44.00 for both plates. 7) How can I renew my tags if I didn’t get a renewal notice in the mail? Motorbikes: $20.00. The Kansas car registration renewal cost varies depending on the county you reside in. If you have questions about your registration fee, … (If not available, tag number plus a fee for duplicate registration) 1. 5. 3. There may be additional fees depending on your county, including an addition $5 in person fee for motor vehicle transactions. Vehicle Registration Fees, Insurance, and Other Costs by State for 2020. $42.50 f. The fee to transfer is $12.50 plus the difference in the property tax. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, money order, cashiers check. Visit our service directory section for specific county information. They would both need to come in to do the transaction because we would be adding Robert to an existing registration. * Lien holder fee is $1.50. Kansas Vehicle Registration Renewal Forms . All vehicles coming in from out of state need to have a VIN inspection before registering the vehicle. g. Names must be the same when you transfer, i.e. If you have delinquent Personal Property Taxes in ANY county in Kansas, they MUST be paid before vehicles can be tagged. Letter A = January 15 to February 28. Applicant must supply social security number (personal vehicle) or the federal tax ID number (business or leased vehicles), these are required by the State of Kansas before a refund is made. If the weight of the trailer and the load combined is less than 2,000 pounds, registration is optional. Transfer fee: $6.50 If this is your renewal month, your fees will be the same as a new tag minus the 50¢ plate fee. If farm trailer, hauling the farmers own product, has a load of less than 6,000 pounds, registration is optional. Vehicle inspections are done Mondays and Fridays from 12:30 – 1:30 pm in the south courthouse parking lot. How much is car registration in Kansas? Additional Information: If you have sold a similar vehicle and have a current tag to transfer, the fee to transfer is $6.50; a $10.00 title fee; Names on the title must be exactly the same when you transfer. (Bill of Sale is a affidavit which must include vehicle identification number, year, make signature of seller and name and address of the buyer.) b. Contact your County Treasurer’s Office for further information. 4. If the title is an out of state title a VIN inspection is required. Title application must be signed by the new owner. The old vehicle must be sold or traded in. All out of state titles for used vehicles (and Kansas Non-Highway vehicles) require inspection. REFUNDS ARE CALCULATED ONLY FROM THE DATE THE APPLICATION FOR REFUND WAS RECEIVED IN THE COUNTY TREASURER’S OFFICE, NOT THE DATE OF SALE OR THE DATE YOU MOVED, IF EARLIER, For more information please contact your local county treasure’s office. Assignment of name on new title must match name on previous vehicle registration. For fees on trucks with gross weight of over 16,000 pounds, call the County Treasurer’s Office. $52.25 Passenger vehicles more than 4,500 lbs. or less: $42.50. i. Kansas Vehicle Property Tax Check - Estimates Only Search for Vehicles by VIN -Or- Make, Model & Year -Or- RV Empty Weight & Year Search By: Choose a search method VIN (10 character minimum) Make-Model-Year RV Empty Weight And Year

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