lap steel guitar scale length

It does look an impressive instrument. This instrument, a full-size guitar with a scale length of 22,5 inches. Mainly from people with the intelligence level of dinosaurs. Our choice then for the best laptop steel guitar is the…, SX Lap 2 Ash NA Electric Lap Steel Guitar. Both sounds are valid, and historically it is not without precedent for a manufacturer to issue two models of guitars whose main difference is scale length (i.e. Slightly more advanced project than, for example, the Danelectro style instrument, but still fairly straight forward. This is a nice looking instrument and as such, is great for a learner. And it is also fitted with a volume and tone control. Some more experienced lap steel players prefer the eight string instruments. You can prove this to yourself by capoing any guitar at the first fret (effectively shorting the scale length) and then retuning down to concert pitch. This gives you a whole new range of playing ideas and options. Consequently ‘heavier” strings can produce “lighter” tension, if they are made for this! at the nut and 2 in. The two extra strings also add to scale runs and arpeggios. Fred...I think 23" is a good trade-off. One plus point for this instrument is the sound. Bluegrass and Blues are also well within its performance level. I've got enough material in my shelves. It is not the easiest instrument to play, in fact, even the tuning can be complex as there are so many different ways to tune the instrument. The instrument and the stand will all fold down and fit into the bag. Learn About Guitar and Instrument Fretting + Fretwork, Find the proper fret position with the official Stewart-MacDonald Fret Calculator, Stewart-MacDonald is PCI compliant and validated for secure e-commerce. All Major Scales [Download PDF] A Major Scale Bb Major Scale B Major Scale C Major Scale C# Major Scale D Major Scale Eb Major Scale E Major Scale F Major Scale F# Major Scale G Major Scale G# Major Scale. If Eddie Van Halen played Lap steel guitar, this would probably be the one he would choose. I noticed a lot of high end steels were using the 22.5" scale,however,they also seemed to be incorperating "exotic" tone woods.I figured this might be to offset any potential tonal loss.Since I was planning to use regular maple and the owners might use a variety of strings and tunings I decided to go with 23".So far, it seems to have been a good compromise. Of course, this is not a rule set in stone; there are always exceptions. This is not a budget instrument at all, and it is built for the experienced player. They make a decent guitar that is competitively priced., (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Most of the time, with a similar sound. During that time, they have built quite a reputation. The single-coil gives it that ‘twang’ many players want, but to its credit, the notorious ‘single-coil hum’ is hardly audible. I've just had a number of sessions where I've used my 12-string lap guitar. You can't change the scale length without changing the fret board layout. And also, to a lesser extent in Rock music, jazz, and Blues. They have gone for a clean driven sound with this instrument giving it a single-coil P90, which is crisp. Log in. The maple top has a sunburst finish that gives the guitar a vintage feel. Finding your scale length, how it affects tone, and more. An "objective" test would have to involve two lap steels that are exactly identical except for the scale length, so it's a tough one to answer. Another entry-level Lap steel guitar from SX. It is designed to be an eight string model. If you continue without changing your settings, you're agreeing to receive all cookies on the StewMac website. It looks the part and plays easily and well. It plays well and sounds good, that will do us wherever it is made. Mine is a short scale, and just doesn't quite cut it. Martin’s 000 and OM models) or offer the same model with long or short scale as an option (Ramirez concert classicals). A full-scale classical guitar has a scale length of about 650 mm, but this is not comfortable for some players, so scales ranging down to 630 mm also available. Designed and made in Tennessee, it is a neck-through-body design featuring a fretboard with three octaves. I have to agree with Mike Neer, My 24 1/2" Stringmaster has me spoiled. Guitar scale lengths are usually between 24" and 26". Is optimum scale length dependent on where your interests lie.Might a 22.5"scale be best for traditional C6th tuning on an 8+ string where you might be working with a lot of slants, etc.playing swing or jazz or harmonized melody lines. You may also notice that the instrument now has more “buzzing” and “fret rattle” when played, because of the increased vibrating amplitude of the looser strings. But that isn’t quite true. It is finished in an attractive tobacco sunburst on the main body and headstock. If you want a more expensive model for an experienced player, we would recommend the…, Joe Morrell Pro Series Poplar Body 8-String Lap Steel Guitar.

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