passive voice exercises all tenses

D writes Language Focus: A review of the passive voice in contrast to the active voice, Grammar Worksheet: active-passive-voice-worksheet.docx (scroll down to study the exercises online), Jump to: Intermediate Exercises, Advanced Exercises. B is written 8. Ultimately, you should also prioritize clarity and efficiency when deciding between the active or passive voice. C are found My school is one of the best schools in the country. I hope I am going to be hired by them soon. A have been found C are blamed Email my answers to my teacher, Font: the tests was a bit confusing but somehow noticed my mistakes. For example when the students -15- 5 years ago their grades were 15% higher that the grades of the same exams nowadays. C does Some rational solutions -7- but as far as I am concerned they -8- yet. 4 exercises Passive voice All TENSES. C are taught Escolar A are made 40 It  (not/feed) yet as the dog’ s food  (not/buy) yesterday. C are discussed Neither of approaches can be considered as productive as they give no positive results. The airplane, which … (operate) by Singapore Airlines, … (fly) by an experienced pilot. Only transitive verbs (enjoy, kill, catch, show) can be used in the passive voice. I would add more guiding and explanations as to why you might be incorrect. Bangers C were B are analyzed Downloadable worksheets: Introducing the "Passive Voice" (1) - Basic rules for Upper elementary and Intermediate students Level: intermediate Age: 10-14 Downloads: 5322 : Active and Passive Level: intermediate Age: 10-17 Downloads: 4060 : A have been discussed 5. B were found 1. D was not done Coming Soon Oswald Comic Neue C were analyzed Home assignment -3- properly and very often -4- by a teacher either. Satisfy Patrick Hand Leave a comment below. B are blamed 1. 20 C does Have a question? 4. be prohibited. Children  (inform) about the rules of our school every year, but unfortunately some of the rules  (not/obey), yesterday another window  (break) and the guilty one  (not/find) yet. 5. Choose the most correct way of saying the same thing in the PASSIVE VOICE: 1. The exams -11- every year. 2. C are taught Ubuntu 2. (The intransitive verb ‘appear’ has no object.). 50 She cannot come. Arial The verb ‘ordered’ is a verb that can be used in the subjunctive mood. The teachers  (respect) by the students and the students  (teach)  with all the creativity and devotion what a teacher can only give. This is the structure for the passive voice: [subject] + [BE + Past Participle] (by actor). The passive voice with the different tenses In a passive sentence, the object of an active sentence becomes the subject. B is written 11. Every country has its own particular issues, but still we have much in common. Bubblegum Sans The (by actor) part of the sentence is optional. Fontdiner Swanky John was raised in a small town by his mother. Just Me Again Down Here Much -1- already about school issues. 3. Home assignment -3- properly and very often -4- by a teacher either. For example, the verb ‘suggest’ can be used in the subjunctive, e.g. D blamed 3. Look at the subject and verb to determine if it is an active or passive sentence. Last year some of these issues -5- during the teacher conference which -6- on March 31st. C discussed Be careful with intransitive verbs (verbs that do not have an object – they cannot be used in the passive voice.). A have been held Children -2- in large classes that results in many of them fall behind. Parents  (inform) regularly about the success of their children. Because of you, passive voices are as easy as a snap! Chewy 2. 22    Size: If the subject is the actor, then it’s an active sentence. 60 (The verb has no object, so you cannot make a passive sentence), Active voice: An accident happened. D are held D are evaluated. Look up about 5 comments and you’ll see my answer. While the potatoes  (peel) my parents arrived. (Remember to look for the BE + Past Participle structure.).

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