percolation threshold conductivity

High percolation thresholds lead to the degradation of mechanical properties. The percolation threshold for the GA/epoxy composites was found to be ~0.25 wt.%, with the highest conductivity of 20 S m −1 obtained at 1.4 wt.% graphene content, which is 4 orders of magnitude higher than that found for 2.0 wt.% GNP , and nearly 2 orders of magnitude higher than those containing 3 wt.% CRGO or 1 wt.% CNTs . With respect to achieving high thermal conductivity, good particle-particle contact is required since thermal transfer is governed by phonon-phonon coupling [reference]. Combining the two de nitions (5) and (6), we have, lim L!1 ( p;L) = (0 for p

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