photocell cycles on and off

If the wiring is all correct, i would try a different style of photocell. How Do You Know If Your Photocell Is Bad? Reason is I'd like to try a solid state relay and I could only find one maker for them in DPDT format. I did that because the wires were so little that I felt they would come un-done inside of a wire nut. 2 years ago. It doesn't matter which wire. Be sure to insert the nut of the cord grip first before you begin wiring anything otherwise you will find yourself having to undo all your wiring in order to slip the nut on. I want it to open my RV awning when it's day then close it when it's dark. If you are interested in making one you can simply replace the project box with the plastic UL rated electrical boxes. Also label each outlet (night or day) if you are using two outlets. 5 years ago I made it using separate GFIs. After-which I went ahead and started placing some of the wires where they belong.Tips: Labeling makes for a much easier project build. Here is a text diagram of what labels go on which wires.--- Dotted lines represent a wire [ ] Brackets are the Outlets #7 Relay--------------------White Wire (cord) #6 Relay--------------------Hot/Black (cord) #5 Relay--------------------Hot/Black (cord) [day]-------------------------White Wire (cord) [day]-------------------------#2 Relay [night]------------------------White Wire (cord) [night]-----------------------#3 RelayPhoto Sensor: Red Wire - attach to #8 on relay Black Wire- attach to Hot/black wire on supply cord White Wire- attach to White wire on supply cordBulbs: Night Bulb- One wire goes to White wire on supply cord the other goes to #2 Relay Day Bulb- One wire goes to White wire on supply cord and the other to #3 Relay. Personally I don't mind the double GFI protection. on Introduction. Normally when the light level falls and the PV drops below the battery the PV acts like a resistor but the one way diode prevents reverse current from discharging the battery.. Do click the pic to see the entire image ! Reply Did you make this project? No worries they are available at your local hardware store. I … I need something like this but for 12 volts. Grab one of each color wire from the bulbs. What if your project needed you to turn on a item during the day and shut it off at night. So basically if you want something off during the day just plug it into the right side. All you need to provide auto charging is a simple diode that blocks any discharge at night or when a cloud passes over your PV array. Would be interested in knowing how much for your sensor and where you obtained it. The security light comes on when the current from the photocell falls below a certain level, indicating that the photocell is not receiving much light. So first thing is to check that the photocell is hooked up correctly and if it is, then it is time for a new one You can save money by getting a GFI electrical cord. Keep in mind you can make this unit with just daytime or night time feature. I started to create labels for all my wires to make it a breeze when it comes time to connect them. So you run your freezer, water pump, etc during the day and turn them off part of the night. It should be connected like this all the whites together, red wire from the photocell to the black wires of the light fixture, the black wire from the photocell connects to the power line, and all the green and bare copper wires all connect together. The photocell is the plug and twist type. I understand the concept but I don't know which relay to purchase. I put a orange bulb to represent day and a green bulb on the right to represent night. When it's dark the first photo sensor will turn the light on in the shoe box (with the second sensor.

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