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Cafe Mambo hosts special theme nights for various music genres and renowned DJs also perform on weekends. It is the largest casino boat in Goa and offers 24 hours of luxury live gaming. Yay for transparency! People with veterinary training and experience are especially sought after, though the centre is grateful for all volunteering efforts. Your email address will not be published. Major attractions include colonial architectural gems, religious buildings, wildlife sanctuaries, museums, art galleries, and markets. Spend the night in a two-person tent for the best rates. The beautiful Butterfly Beach is surrounded by rocks and is one of the quietest and unexplored beaches in Goa. Thus, making a list of the top things to do in Goa is a trivial task. Opening timing: Tuesday to Sunday, from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Arambol in North Goa is an awesome place to experience the exhilarating thrill. The Religious Expression Gallery is a top section to gain greater insights into different spiritual and religious beliefs while Goa’s Freedom Struggle Gallery details the state’s history and fight for independence. Don’t forget to pack a good book! It was later abandoned, though, due to disease. Add even more diversity to your vacation when visiting Goa and cross the state borders to explore places a little further afield. Want to stay for longer? Practice your haggling skills if you want to buy anything. Caves are an amazing way to explore places to visit in Goa other than beaches. I have been using World Nomads for some time now and made a few claims over the years. With beaches, wildlife, historic architecture, cultural sites, delectable food, various markets, and more, there’s no reason to ever experience a dull moment in Goa! The largest beach in the northern part of the state, the long sandy stretch is fringed with casuarina and palm trees and has a quiet and peaceful vibe. There are various themed challenges to try and most are suitable for between two and eight players. Wolf snakes are among the rare land species that call the area home and you’ll probably also see lots of colourful butterflies. Make sure any valuables are locked away, especially if you’re staying in a beach hut that could easily be broken into. Goa really is a terrific all-round destination with something to please everyone. Mambos is considered to be among the best nightclubs of Goa. Situated near Ponda, the small butterfly sanctuary is perched on a hill. The gorge takes its name from a local legend—it is said that each day a villager went to the river to ask the Devil for fish to feed his guests. Explore Goa’s numerous beaches, each with a different vibe. Take a seat in the rooftop garden, filled with cacti and other greenery, and appreciate the views over the sanctuary. There’s a good choice of restaurants and eateries too, ideal for taking a breather. Why it’s awesome: Sitting at the point where the borders of Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka meet, Chorla Ghat is a fantastic ecotourism destination. Founded in 1977, the interesting museum contains thousands of artefacts and exhibits. Pssssst! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. There are signboards that provide information on different habitats, plants, and butterfly species. He was granted fish. Renowned for its beaches, places of worship, and world heritage architecture, Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India and is visited by large numbers of international as well as domestic tourists each year. Why it’s awesome: Situated in North Goa, the beautiful Carambolim Lake is one of Goa’s most attractive lakes. See a large selection of eye-catching sculptures made from various materials in the Sculpture Gallery. This means that those who do make the effort to visit can escape the crowds and enjoy the natural beauty in peace and quiet. Also sometimes known as Ingo’s Night Market, the gigantic market has a huge selection of stalls that sell an even wider range of goods. Alternatively, there are comfy rooms, some of which have balconies. If you are in North Goa, a visit to the Cafe Mambo should definitely be on your list. What to do there: Take a leisurely stroll around the charming historic plantation, pausing to see the different spices as they grow and to inhale the rich fragrances and aromas. Required fields are marked *. This club is made up of 2 levels, that means you have enough space to dance freely and enjoy the electrifying music and throbbing lights. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Located towards the north of the Palolem Beach, Butterfly Beach is the perfect place for peace seekers and isolation in Goa. What to do there:  If you want to admire the waterfall in its full glory, visit during the rainy season. The Broke Backpacker team has tried out over thirty backpacks this year! Trace the outline of the irregular outer walls and see what remains of old barracks and living quarters, now largely taken over by nature with herds of grazing goats and cashew bushes. It is fairly simple, yet elegant, in its design. After all the amazing experiences I have had, I can assure you one thing: You can never get bored in Goa with these top things to do for fun. What to do there: Make your way to Ribandar ferry dock and cross the Mandovi River to reach Chorao Island. It is one of the prime Places to visit in Goa state and among the best beaches in Goa. Interestingly, it is said that clapping and making other sounds affects the speed and amount of bubbles! It’s definitely a great place for adventure lovers. Today, the city is a UNESCO-listed site. Look around the complex and see the large and colourful statues of deities like Lord Ganesha, Goddess Parvati, Nandikeshvar, Lakshminarayana, Garuda, Gajana, and Bhagavati. Learn more about Goa’s trading history at the Customs Museum and spend some time in the vibrant Latin Quarter, something of a novelty for an Indian city. Depictions of various characters and scenes; Forgotten and undiscovered for many years; Wildlife sanctuary with lots of flora and fauna; Top place to immerse yourself in local life; Wide assortment of goods to browse and buy; Volunteer activities for various durations; Beneficial work for local street animals; Sanctuary is home to dogs, cats, and cows; Home to a huge assortment of historic items; Well curated collections with good information. Each February the party-loving state comes even more to life with the annual carnival. Some of the larger shops accept cards (with a minimum spend), but cash is needed to purchase goods from street stalls and smaller retail establishments. It has played an important role through Goa’s history but is a lesser-visited place today. Once you’ve arrived, why not use what you’ve saved to treat yourself to a cold beer and a bite to eat? Also, you get to swim with the dolphins! Don’t leave Goa without visiting this riveting place and if you … What to do there: Walk through the attractive sanctuary, admiring the various flowers and plants, and watch lovely butterflies flitting from place to place. Top Places to Visit in Goa, India: See Tripadvisor's 86,820 traveller reviews and photos of Goa attractions. Always wear a helmet if travelling by motorbike and don’t get into a cab with a driver that appears to be drunk or high. Cruising the backwaters is one of the top Goa vacation ideas for couples, and is also great for families, solo explorers, and groups of mates. The River Kali offers tons of opportunities for watery fun and the area is known for its important conservation efforts related to tigers. It eventually became part of the Republic of India in 1961. Many cruises include a variety of activities too, such as fishing and traditional music and dance shows. Why it’s awesome: Located near Molema, Devil’s Canyon is a scenic jungle-surrounded canyon. Legends say that the religious object was consecrated by Brahma on Mangireesh Mountain and later taken to various other locations.

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