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The root is generally hidden as it is under the ground. Potato is a big source of carbohydrates. The potato fruits are small and green but highly poisonous. Wiki. Due to this they are often served as a vegetable as well as a popular side dish. It is a perennial plant and is a staple food in several countries in the world. Source: More precisely, green poisonous fruits on potato plant are considered fruit, while edible parts of the plant, tubers and leaves, are considered vegetables. Ditto for other fruit-producing plants grown as annuals such as watermelons, edible-pod peas, peppers, and eggplants; leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, and kale; stems of rhubarb and turnips; flowers of cauliflower and broccoli; tubers of sweet potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes; bulbs of onions and garlic; roots of carrots and parsnips; and seeds of peas, beans, and corn. Are Potatoes Vegetables or Fruits? Which still doesn’t solve our problem, as a potato comes under a tree! Also, there is no conclusive scientific evidence that proves this assertion to be true. They are related to the flowering plants called Convolvulous and are a flowering vine. Search. why is potato classified as a vegetable yet it has all the characteristics of a fruit? But technically they are starchy, enlarged modified stems called tubers, which grow on short branches called stolons from the lower parts of potato plants. How many ounces in a cup? It may be the potato eyes! Potatoes help in restoring electrolyte balance which is essential for athletes. by Anonymous. The tuber provides a food reserve from which new potato plant buds arise. Is Potato a Fruit or Vegetable? Many plants are masters at adapting themselves to their surroundings. Pick up a potato and you notice eyes with little lashes on it. / Their body parts have changed over a period of time so as to adjust to their surroundings. Also, it is important to know that potato fruits contain seeds inside. A fruit could be described as the ripened ovary of the plant. Please read our full disclaimer before using this site. When asking if a potato is a vegetable most people are wondering if they are a healthy food to eat as part of a balanced diet. Potatoes are stem vegetables that are grown on stolons found underground. Find Everything About Health, Nutrition, Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables, Beauty and Care, Weight Loss and much more. The potato should be eaten fresh to have a good effect on the body. 1 decade ago. White potatoes provide a high content of starch. It is proved that if we consume plants which contain solanine, it can lead to diarrhea, abdominal pain or headache. How potatoes are prepared greatly effects their nutritional value. But, botanically, potato is classified into fruits. Nutritionally, horticulturally, and legally. But generally speaking, if the food item is not a fruit, and comes on a tree, it is a vegetable. You would be surprised to know that tomato is botanically a fruit but is considered as a vegetable. There have always been debates among nutritionists and other experts about the botanical and nutritional classification of some plants, like potato, tomato, watermelon, etc. This includes the leaves, stem, root and tubers. 0 0. The stem is the tall, woody part, which gives support to the plant. They have a high nutritional value in comparison to sweet potatoes. They have played a vital part in survival in history since 200B.C. Learn how your comment data is processed. Search. Home. Potatoes make seeds - but they are not what you plant. Do potatoes count as a vegetable or fruit? Potatoes, grown in cooler climates or seasons around the world, are often thought of as roots because they usually grow in the ground. Does it Snow in Australia? It is actually a leaf, which has been modified to store food and water. Potato (lat. A typical plant’s body is made of three basic parts – root, stem and leaf. Order it online at Real Dutch Food. To many gardeners, what is or is not a vegetable is loose and arbitrary, based on cultural views and culinary traditions. Also, potato produces green fruits from its flowers, but we don’t eat that part of potato. The truth is that much of a plant is considered a vegetable. The difference could simply be fruits have seeds and vegetables don’t. A fruit can be a vegetable but the inverse is not true. The short and long answers are YES. The potato also produces an inedible green cherry-tomato looking "fruit" from its flowers - but that is not the part we eat. They contain solanine which is a kind of alkaloid poison. Solanaceae ), whose members are also tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. Browse a full list of topics found on the site, from accessories to mudrooms to wreaths. It is for this reason why most people think a potato is a vegetable. It comes from an annual plant that is grown for its edible root. According to Live Science, potato is the number one vegetable crop grown in the United States.(1).

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