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How he sware unto the Lord (see the comment on Psalms 132:1-5). 3. The parallelism is very marked, and well sustained. (Psalms 132:2-4.)—S.C. If the house holds the symbols which God gives, it is the symbol of God which man creates. Forgiveness is promised to repentance and faith; the indwelling Spirit to purity of heart; peace of mind to believing prayer; the crown of life to faithfulness unto death, etc. 3. IV. (9) Clothed with righteousness.—The original is “salvation,” as below in Psalms 132:16, though the Hebrew word is slightly varied. 2. He begins his good work, and therefore he goes on (Philippians 1:6). (13) Zion.—The dynasty of David and the location of the sanctuary at Zion are intimately associated, as in Psalms 78:67-68. so as to fulfill the promise made to him] all his trouble" (see 2 Samuel 6:8-15; 1 Chronicles 22:1-19.). 353). To be not with Christ is to be against him—his enemy. Copyright StatementThese files are public domain.Text Courtesy of It is a true oath; He will not depart from it. Psalms 89:3, Psalms 89:35). I have ordained a lamp.—Or, I have trimmed a lamp; the word used in connection with the sacred lights, under the express charge of Aaron and his sons (Exodus 27:21; Leviticus 24:2-3). For our own sake. David, when God had graciously declared his acceptance of David’s desire to build a house for God. But with this distinctly sacerdotal allusion we must also combine the special allusion to the Davidic dynasty, according to the promise (1 Kings 11:36): “That David my servant may have a light (or, lamp, as here) always before me in Jerusalem.”. THAT DAWN WAS SUCH WE ARE BOUND TO BELIEVE, notwithstanding the flagrant and most grievous sins which are recorded against him. 3. It was the golden plate affixed to the turban, inscribed ‘Holiness to Jehovah,’ which was believed to have come down from the time of Aaron, and which, treasured through all the vicissitudes of the Jewish state, was carried to Rome by Titus, and seen there by the great Jewish Rabbi, in the time of Hadrian” (Stanley, J. C. 3:353). Thus Jephthah was buried in the cities of Gilead, Jude 12:7, i.e. and Vulg. As: 1. IV. I. The option we have in one typifies the grander option we have in the other. We are accustomed to think of devotion in connection with the house of the Lord. Some think that they are there only as a quotation from this psalm, but the mode in which the words are here introduced points the other way. And Zion's poor shall be satisfied. A movable tent was no longer in harmony with the national life. 141), there may have been an ark made for the second Temple in imitation of the original. Psalms 68:16). See how intense was his desire that God should have a fit habitation (Psalms 132:5). The quotation may have been adopted generally without meaning literal correspondence between all the circumstances—just as the battle-cry had become merely a religious formula—or, as Lightfoot and Prideaux suggest (see Prideaux, Connection, i. We found it; afterwards we found it elsewhere. Metrically, the psalm consists of four stanzas, each of ten lines: Psalms 132:1-5; 6-10; 11-13; and 14-18. And her saints shall shout aloud for joy. The introduction of sin, as human self-will, into the world, has introduced frailty and brevity into everything related to the sinner. This psalm, at first sight, seems from comparison with 2 Chronicles 6 to be a hymn of Solomon’s, or of his age, in commemoration of the completion and dedication of the Temple. are we ….? The ark is brought up and placed in it (1 Kings 8:1-11). v3 Israel, put your hope in the *LORD, now and always. The quotation continues. The people of God knew how God had remembered Noah, and saved him and his from the Flood; how he had remembered Abraham, and for his sake had saved Lot out of Sodom; and now they believed he would remember David, and would bless them as David had prayed. Psalms 132:8-10 and 2 Chronicles 6:41, 2 Chronicles 6:42). CONDITIONS CULTURE TRUST. i. GOD WILL, HOWEVER, IN DUE TIME REWARD THE LABORS OF HIS FAITHFUL SERVANTS. How natural that David should thing of building a palace for his supreme and sovereign Lord! (2) How he sware.—Literally, who sware. It is vain to commend him with the lip when the life bears no confirming witness; but when lip and life speak the same truth, there is power and fruitage. And found it in the fields of the wood; rather, in the fields of Jaar. The exiles, who were full of enthusiasm for God's house, must have found it very hard to have their work arrested. Our Price: $15.99 Save: $29.00 (64%) Buy Now. Oh to be of these poor!—S.C. 1. A THING IS REALLY PERMANENT THAT CONTINUES SO LONG AS IT IS REALLY NEEDED. III. God will abundantly bless the nourishment of the new man, and satisfy the poor in spirit with the bread of life. He has created men for the fellowship of himself and of one another. Until I find out a place for the Lord. He speaks of himself in the third person, as is usual.

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