psalm 46:10 study questions

His foes are routed and destroyed. In the first place, he bids them be still, that they may know that he is God; for we see that when men are carried away without consideration, they go beyond all bounds and measure. This verse would have been an encouragement to the children of Israel in a time of war and can be just as comforting to believers today in their struggle and strife. They belong to the general community. There is a message for us also in this verse, “Be still, and know that I am God.” We sometimes leave too small a part for God in our work. The o’erbrooding heavens are silent, speechless to all but the most meditative souls. References: Psalms 46:10.—J. A word addressed to the man who is tempted to murmur at the hardships of a suffering lot. Fair Use Notice: This document, and others on our web site, may contain copyrighted As you must come and see, Psalms 46:8, so come and hear what the Lord saith to those enemies of yours, Cessate, et scite, Be still, sit, and know, Ex vestris saltem malis discite, learn, by what ye have felt, that there is no contending with omnipotence. The regard we are required to pay to these interesting truths. Be still, and know that I am God - הרפו harpu, Cease from your provocations of the Divine justice; cease from murmuring against the dispensations of his providence; cease from your labor for a season, that ye may deeply reflect on the severity and goodness of God - severity to those who are brought down and destroyed; goodness to you who are raised up and exalted: - cease from sin and rebellion against your God; let that disgrace you no more, that we may no more be brought into distress and desolation. These sounds bring peace and confidence. (“Science Minds” please bear with me as I will be “wandering” a bit.). Come, behold the works of the Lord, with wonder see his glorious interposition, what desolations he hath made in the earth upon all his furious adversaries: the desolations of Judaea, the downfal of the Roman monarchy, mark his avenging rod: and from these we may be assured the present powers of Antichrist, whether popish or mahomedan, shall alike, with their carcases, strew the ground; nor will he cease till all his enemies are made his footstool; when, their power utterly broken, and all their armour, wherein they trusted, spoiled, and consumed, the war shall cease, and his people enjoy for ever the fruits of that glorious and eternal peace which he hath obtained for them. The great works of God, wherein his sovereignty appeared, had been described in the foregoing verses. "Commentary on Psalms 46:10". Note; If we enjoy divine communications of grace and comfort, we are amply repaid for all the storms and tempests raised by a world which lieth in wickedness. These intellectual observers see in Christianity a tremendous power with a history behind it, and a prospect before it, which not only places it above the frvalship of other faiths, but leaves it absolutely alone as the one religion which educates the highest principles of humanity, and commands the civilization of the world. “To strive about words to no profit but to the subverting of the hearers,” to make religion the work of a babbling tongue and a contentious spirit, to think that the victory of truth is to be won as nations win their victories in the field, by planting army against army, meeting rage with rage, and stratagem with stratagem, and clamour with clamour; this is not pleasing to the Lord, who says--(2 Timothy 2:24). The words, “Be still, and know that I am God,” have usually been taken as an invitation to believing hearts to trust and not be afraid. Imagining that they have only to do with men, they presumptuously assail them, and therefore the prophet here represses their insolence; and that his address may have the more weight, he introduces God himself as speaking to them. They cause stress and anxiety and we 2. ), The message of my text, broadly stated, seems to be this: that the soul must make for itself a great silence from all other voices ere it can hear aright the Divine messages which give it the fullest and deepest knowledge of its God. "The Adam Clarke Commentary". "Commentary on Psalms 46:10". This set of Bible Study questions accompany the audio recording for Sunday worship, March 22, 2020. As Eli, say, “It is the Lord.” (James Parsons.

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