pulsar trail 2 xq50

FR:1, The one shot zero is easy to use and saved ammo. The Pulsar Helion 2 XQ50F builds on the success of the previous Helion XQ models but comes with extra features. RT: 10 Hours IPS5;20 Hours IPS10, Higher-powered IPS10 battery packs, as well as CR123A and AA battery cases, also are available and provide a perfect off-the-grid power solution. SPS: 17 Micron, IPX7 waterproof-rated for protection from heavy rainfall, snow or other precipitation. Image and video content is stored internally and can easily be transferred to PC/laptop via wired connection or Wi-Fi. The video is great and the field of view through the optic is nice. Pulsar PL76558 Trail 2 LRF XQ50 3.5-14x 50mm 7.5x5.6 Degrees FOV Black, Shipping and taxes calculated at checkout, © 2020 Eisen Arms, LLC – All rights reserved. Integrated laser rangefinder provides quick on-the-go range data for precision shooting. Pulsar Thermion XM50 5.5-22x Thermal Rifle Scope. The Trail LRF has 3 user-selectable indicator shapes that replace aiming reticle upon activation.The XQ50’s variable 2.7-10.8x magnification allows a wide field of view for quick target acquisition and an up-close image for precise shot placement. Pulsar Trail MK1 XQ50 LRF 384 - 2.7-10.8X Thermal Imaging Scope. MTTF:, The field of view of the complex wide-angle six-lens eyepiece, employed in the TRAIL 2 LRF features 20% increase compared to the previous model. The XQ50’s popular “white hot” and “black hot” modes, 13 digital reticle options and 50Hz refresh rate provide users with fluid imaging, customized thermal mapping and a richly contrasted field of view. This new sensor allows the Trail 2 LRF XQ50 to detect targets up to 1970 yards away and is much more sensitive to small temperature changes. With a full 3 year warranty and Pulsar’s long reputation of being the top industry leader in customer service, you can buy the Trail 2 LRF XQ50 with the confidence to enjoy it while night hunting for years to come. Picture-in-Picture mode Picture-in-Picture improves accuracy by providing a magnified image of the reticle area at the top of the display. Home; Contact Us; About Us; Policies; Blog; View Cart; A Texas Company.... We are a Texan owned and operated company. It is even rated for submersion of up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Store up to 5 zeroing profiles, with 10 distance coordinates each for varying situations, in internal memory for quick rifle change-outs and on-the-fly adjustments. Recorded files can be later downloaded to PC or smartphone.Long detection range up to 1800 mPowerful objective lens in combination with professional grade thermal imaging sensor with NETD 40 mK provides exceptional detection capabilities. Wide array of color-customizable reticles, including scalable ballistic styles. Color options: black, white, red and green.Instant Start-Up about 3 secondsThanks to revolutionary electronics, TRAIL 2 LRF can be powered up almost instantly. of operation on maximum mode. Scanning mode allows the shooter to adjust quickly to changing distances for better shot placement. UI: 5 Button Pad/App, Trail’s new HD display delivers crisp, richly contrasted, vividly colored field of view, AMOLED technology ensures flawless, fluid, high-resolution imaging and power saving. Pulsar Trail 2 LRF XQ50 Thermal Riflescope TRAIL 2 LRF is a new generation of thermal imaging sights from PULSAR with built-in precise laser rangefinder, HD AMOLED screen, video recorder, Wi-Fi module and long-life quick-change battery. (MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – Pulsar, the standard-bearer of thermalriflescopes, is pleased to announce the release of the Trail 2 LRF XQ50. Built-in accelerometer / gyroscope A built-in accelerometer/gyroscope improves accuracy by precisely identifying cant and angles greater than 5° with an arrow indicating the direction and degree of lateral tilting. Zoom zeroing support ensures precise zeroing accuracy.10 Electronic reticlesA full complement of digitally displayed reticle solutions ensures quick target acquisition and a richly contrasting sight picture. The BPS battery pack can be used as well to power the scope with common AA batteries. Image and video content is stored internally and can easily be transferred to PC/laptop via wired connection or Wi-Fi.Mobile-friendly (iOS, Android) with remote control and live internet streamingThe highlight of the Trail is the ability to link via Wi-Fi the device with Android and iOS based mobile units using the free mobile application Stream Vision. Proprietary picture-in-picture (PiP) endures repeatable, accurate performance. This thermal is my favorite so far. CW: , The smartphone and thermal imager combination offers a set of unique features such as direct image streaming, downloading and sharing recorded files, firmware update and many other. Fully waterproof IPX7 waterproof-rated protection ensures the Trail performs perfectly in wet weather, even during intense rain, snowfall and submersion in 3 ft. of water for up to 30 min. Color options: black, white, red and green.

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