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OH Columbus, clamavisse can become clamasse Pars cēdere, aliī īnsequī; neque sīgna neque ōrdinēs observāre; ubi quemque perīculum cēperat, ibi resistere ac prōpulsāre; arma, tēla, equī, virī, hostēs atque cīvēs permixtī; nihil cōnsiliō neque imperiō agī; fors omnia regere. Tenses and the Infinitive in Indirect Discourse. Od. Ego tibi īrāscerer (Q. Fr. 75)sick of seeing you. Ep. 1.22)Yet why do I speak? Now, if I wanted to say "I want him to go home," I would have to specify the subject of the infinitive, and in Latin I must do that in the accusative case. Dickinson College CommentariesDepartment of Classical StudiesDickinson CollegeCarlisle, PA  17013 245-1493. Other verbs and verbal expressions take the infinitive as a direct object as well: animum induco = I put it in my mind, or I intend; the action you intend can then made the direct object of the verbal expression. 12.527)hearts not knowing how to yield, tē vidēre aegrōtī (Plaut. The infinitive in exclamations usually refers to something actually occurring; the subjunctive, to something contemplated. Choose from 500 different sets of latin passive infinitives flashcards on Quizlet. Though occurring in most of the writers of all periods, it is most frequent in the historians Sallust, Livy, Tacitus. tōtum hōc beātē vīvere (Tusc. Dīcit montem ab hostibus tenērī. In English this part of a verb is easily recognised as it is preceded by ‘to’. When the infinitive is used as the direct object of a verb of speaking, thinking, perceiving, etc., the construction is called indirect discourse and the most important rule is the the subject of an infinitive in indirect discourse must always be stated (in the subject accusative construction). Od. Quamquam quid loquor? 21)Then Catiline promised abolition of debts (clean ledgers). 3.14.15)ready to lend an ear, nescia vincī pectora (Aen. For the infinitive used instead of a Substantive Clause of Purpose, see § 457. Quamquam quid loquor? Present active In a dictionary, the present … If you have studied Classical Latin before, you will notice that instead of the supine + ‘iri’, Medieval Latin uses the past participle + ‘fore’ to form the future passive infinitive., Designed and built by ASCTech Web Services, The Phaedon John Kozyris and Litsa Kozyris Travel Award, The Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Greek and Latin, Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization: Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean, Graduate Program on Classical Antiquity and the Near East, The Miltiadis Marinakis Endowed Professorship of Modern Greek Language and Culture, Honoring the memory of Phaedon J. Kozyris, Visual Resources in the Teaching of Modern Greece, Subordinate Clauses in Indirect Discourse. Rarely in poetry the infinitive is used to express result. (Sall. Dīcit montem ab hostibus tenērī. in -ī, 3rd Declension Adjectives: Classification and Paradigms, 3rd Declension Adjectives: Case Forms of Consonant Stems, Irregularities and Special Uses of Adjectives, Irregular and Defective Comparison of Adjectives, Relative, Interrogative, and Indefinite Pronouns, Classified Lists of Verbs: 1st and 2nd Conjugations, Classified Lists of Verbs: 3rd Conjugation, Classified Lists of Verbs: 4th Conjugation, Dative indirect Object with Transitive Verbs, Dative indirect Object with Intransitive Verbs, Infinitive as the Subject of an Impersonal, Declamatory Sentences in Indirect Discourse, Subordinate Clauses in Indirect Discourse, Tenses of the Infinitive in Indirect Discourse, Tenses of the Subjunctive in Indirect Discourse, Quantity of Perfects and Perfect Participles. 1.527)We have not come to lay waste with the sword the Libyan homes. They are found only in the nominative and the accusative case (and like all nouns, pronouns and adjectives they have the same form in the nominative and the accusative). the construction of the accusative with the infinitive, by which the predication of the infinitive was provided with an expressed subject (§ 237)

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