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Yes, You Can Win Tough Skin Battles. While there are many supportive stories on Reddit forums, you will also find people that simply do not believe there is any truth to the theory Vaseline helps with acne. Always clean your skin before applying Vaseline for moisturization. If you're looking for a way to make a blemish heal quickly, there are much better ways than dabbing on toothpaste. You might call them haters, but they are just trying to find the truth. It's Personal That is the name for the technique used. For people with acne, Vaseline makes sure your skin is well-lubricated and allows the skin barrier repair itself. They swear by it, and they are certain that Vaseline helps with the treatment of acne. We take a look at both the positive and negative side of the story. 5. Acne: Vaseline is not used to treat acne or any skin diseases caused by oily skin, it only prevents the pimples from rubbing against the skin. It's not acne at all. Aloe Vera for Acne – How the Miracle Plant Helps With Pimples. Again, fungal acne can look like regular acne, but there are a few key differences. ... Not sure if this is fungal acne but they don’t seem like regular pimples and they get really itchy when I sweat profusely. Don’t use Vaseline as an anti-fungal. A subreddit for people who have or suspect that they have fungal acne. It seemed almost criminal, considering the love affair I’m having with the night cream I’m using right now, but hearing the promises of cleared acne, more hydrated skin, and immediate results, I let my curiosity get the best of me and dove in. These products contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or sulfur, all of which can help reduce redness and speed healing. Is it Safe? Read below to discover my experience using Vaseline as a moisturizer. The Vaseline for acne theory is known as “slugging”. But if you’re one of the 50 million people in the U.S. who suffer from mild, occasional or severe acne, you might want to put the Vaseline down and avoid taking the risk. Vaseline draws ink from fresh tattoos, clog pores and increase chances of breakout and ruin tattoos ink. Use Approved Acne Spot Treatments . According to supporters of this theory, the Vaseline or petroleum jelly product will make your moisturizing cream, serum, or lotion, 10 times more effective. The problem with mistaking fungal acne for the regular kind is that there are a lot of skincare ingredients that trigger fungal acne and make it worse. For the past few years, Vaseline for acne has received its own Reddit threat. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But is there any truth to that theory? Over the last couple of years, the Internet, those on Reddit especially, have become obsessed with spackling on Vaseline to acne-prone skin in an effort to quickly clear up deep-rooted flareups. He packed the jelly as Vaseline, and the world has changed with that. Best applied after a shower, As an occlusive moisturizer, petroleum jelly can prevent your skin from drying out, Prevent skin strains from polish or hair dye, Preserve perfume scents when used as a base for your perfume, Allergies, some people are sensitive to the ingredient and can manifest allergy-like symptoms, If you do not allow for the skin to dry or clean it properly before applying Vaseline, you risk bacteria or fungal infections, Check with your doctor before using Vaseline around the nose, as there are aspiration risks, Last, but not least, in some cases, people report that Vaseline actually clogged their pores, Remove eye makeup thanks to the oil in the petroleum jelly. They swear by it, and they are certain that Vaseline helps with the treatment of acne. Although Vaseline® Healing Jelly doesn't directly treat acne, its protective formula means it could help your skin recover faster from a breakout. But is there any truth to that… This is the result of 1 use of head and shoulder shampoo as body wash. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit … It's not acne at all. You have to apply Vaseline over your usual moisturizer at night. The theory suggests that Vaseline prevents water and moisture from escaping your skin. ... How 50 People From Reddit and YOUTUBE Cleared Their Fungal Acne! Any thoughts on using Vaseline to lock in the moisture on my face? Some dermatology experts say that because petroleum jelly is inherently comedogenic, it can clog the pores. Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide for Acne Prone Skin? Instead, what Vaseline does is create a barrier on your skin, and trap hydration inside. The people at the Skincare Addiction sub-Reddit are completely obsessed with petroleum jelly. And what is the jelly made of? And instead of healing acne, it will cause acne. Don’t use Vaseline for treatment of acne, pimples and other oily skin condition. For many years, there was a belief that Vaseline (petroleum jelly) can clog your pores and lead to breakouts and blackheads. Try an acne spot treatment instead. I assume I have fungal acne because I am getting clusters all over my forehead and the side of my cheeks. Thus is the story of how I decided to try using Vaseline as my moisturizer. With that in mind, here are some other potential side effects of using petroleum jelly for acne. They are all red mixed with lots of whiteheads.

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