when does ffxiv get good

there's a lot of time in between new abilities. Currently Im in the Middle of an Expansion Burnout in World of Warcraft and want to switch things up a bit. ." RP is pretty much the main reason I havent unsubbed WoW yet. For Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Does the story ever get good . It gets much better at 50 though, as you get a far larger portion of your overall skill kit by then. Personally, while I'm always curious where the story will head, there are plenty of parts in the story that I wouldn't exactly call "good". Er you quit at level 15? As a lv15 lancer you would have only been doing 24. I dont remember the name of the class, but it I think I was wielding a spear...I believe I til I was around Level 15. You're off tutorial island now, and into dungeons, so you'll begin seeing that soon. I'm still waiting. On top of that, as you rise through the levels you will also earn cooldowns and traits that will affect your abilities in some way. - Page 2. Not really sure what "clicked" but I've been here ever since for the last like 2.5-3 years. If the summary intrigues you, then slow down and read the next dialogue. Is it worth resubbing or even getting the new Expansion? If you only played until level 15 you didn't get a chance to experience the combat. I know that the title may sound a bit provoking, but I mean no Offense. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Worth it in end for that reason. Thank you. Source: came from WoW. Leveling is fast so I recommend you give it a go. The combat feeling slow is coming from the difference in global cooldown. If ARR is an anime with 100 episodes, I would say maybe 20-30 episodes are interesting, the rest are just filler episodes. Personally, the game started getting fun at around 30ish, when skills start getting more varied and when dungeons start getting more difficult/complicated. Story begins to get good around ~level 25 or so. The game is slow paced compared to Wow, if you can't get over it, it's no use. I would recommend watching a video of some endgame content and see if the pace looks fun to you. The daily bonuses from each roulette (especially while rested) are one of the best sources of EXP. Play something else. The story really starts to pick up its pace around your second MSQ trial. Lancer is notoriously boring at low levels. The story will make you move slow. But for some reason, FFXIV isn’t really hitting me immediately. The absolute lowest point of the game is around lvl 35. I'm trying to push through it cuz people keep telling me its the best game around, but i'm losing my patience. It depends of what you're looking for. This game's challenge/complexity curve starts off kind of slow, possibly because it wants to be accessible to people who are completely new to gaming. Since there's a lot of salt in some of these comments, I'll throw my own two cents in here. (36) Reply With Quote. so far its such a grind with very little reward. Different roles can feel different too, so you might feel playing a different job could be more rewarding. That's why they are working to streamline it better. from 30 onwards, gets good, then from 50 to patch 2.55 gets a lot better, and Heavensward the expansion is basically the best story in a FF game in a decade. The trial account system was changed recently, so you can play upto level 35 with no time limit. As a lv70 ninja I end up around 44-45 CPM. So yeah, when does this game get good? Which Class do you think "feels" the most traditional / fastest? Maybe you're into crafting or pvp. Combat will feel like it speeds up as you reach the level caps, 50, 60, 70. Sure you pick a spec at level 10, and you get a lot of abilities through that, but for the most part, nothing about your class really changes apart from picking up new talents every 15 levels and getting mastery at ~80. I quit like 3-4 times because I was bored to death. Even now, 99% of the time I skip dialogue when I do non-MSQ. I’ll definitely push to level 50 by the end of April then thanks! My advice is to reach 2.3 (level 50 post-game) ASAP. The pacing of ARR is definitely slow. There have been moments of brilliance, usually involving Y’Shtola and voice acted cutscenes, but those have been few and far between so far. @ObscuraNox, if you are concerned about a toxic community like @taahi says, join a small/medium server instead of a crowded one, differences in how things work and how people act are huge. My first MMO as a preteen was FFXI and I easily put 100s of hours into it over 4 or 5 years and had every expansion. But for some reason, FFXIV isn’t really hitting me immediately. The amount of voiced cutscenes also tends to increase the further you get into the expansions. The game starts at 50+, and if you want to then get in the swing of leveling with bonus exp from items and armory, you pick up a DRK, MCH, or AST which start at 30, or SAM or RDM, which start at 50, the latter two being the most fun and fleshed out classes according to general opinion in the community. The beginning was a really nice introduction to eorzea that didn't feel info-dumped and allowed time for exploration. So a few things to mention: The combat is slightly slower for sure, especially in lower levels. 50 onwards is when you kit truly begins to diverse and you get key abilities that'll change how your entire job plays. It does get better as you level up, and leveling up is quicker now that Stormblood is out. Unlike WoW, this game doesnt try to constantly funnel content down your throat. I like to do 70+. I’m a relatively new player even though I’ve owned the game since Heavensward first game out. FFXIV, the class you start out playing is a totally neutered version of what its endgame counterpart is, and there is a LOT of ability "deadspace" before you hit a certain level, i.e. Once Ishgard starts showing up more in your quests, things will be on the up and up pretty much through to Shadowbringers. It's different than wow, sure. The game is very slow paced in it's beginning, it's one of the major flaws of FFXIV in that it has not a very good leveling experience in its earlier levels. Ranged DPS like Archer/Bard and Machinist are also quite fun (but you need to get to Heavensward content to unlock Machinist). With it's Mudra system (quick input to make different ninjutsus) and numerous off-GCD, I think it's also quite fast-paced. Play MSQ (main scenario quest) and the quests with blue cross. It does get better as you level up, and leveling up is quicker now that Stormblood is out. Just hang in there and focus on the story. No need to resub if you don't like it. I thought the story of arr was good, despite the actual tasks being a little meh. A lot of this is due to a longer GCD than WoW has, but a lot of it also comes from the fact that this game has a different progression system than WoW. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It gets better at max level when you can do things on-content. I'm looking forward to ShB, but it's a slog once more to get there. The combat speeds up as you level. Leveling was the most infuriating, slow, annoying, drawn out, patronizing experience I've had in a game, and only stayed bc best friend and gf were into it and I wanted a fun game to play with them. Combat gets good for most classes around 26 or so, when your combos feel more complete. The game is very slow paced in it's beginning, it's one of the major flaws of FFXIV in that it has not a very good leveling experience in its earlier levels. I'd recommend trying out as many jobs as you please since you can play everything on one character. FFXIV actually has more classes than WoW. They don’t need to be voice acted for me to enjoy the game but I’m curious. Press J to jump to the feed.

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