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And the firm but cushioning sleep quality the mattress affords didn’t let it down. Tempur is the forerunner of all other memory foam mattresses. A layer of unique S-Line pocket springs provide edge to edge support and offer pressure relief for areas such as shoulders, back and hips giving both testers a wriggle-free night’s sleep. We’ve included mattresses for every budget and helpful tips about what to look out for, too. You can sleep well in the knowledge that this mattress will support your spine for years to come without sagging or softening. See all our Best Buy mattresses recommendations. Once unleashed from its box, the mattress takes 3-5 hours to fully take shape, ready for a night’s sleep. View now: Tempur Sensation Elite mattress, £1,949 for a double, Furniture Village. It comes in a huge variety of sizes, too, so whatever bed base you’re buying for, there’s bound to be one that fits. If your hand fits easily, it’s too hard; not at all, and it’s too soft. It’s a tracker that helps you discover your sleep style – our testers were Night Owl and Sleep Master since you ask – and offers tips to improve your night, tailored to the way you slumber. Sleeping on your front – Firm The Simba mattress also wins our approval for side sleepers. It’s made up of several layers including a moisture wicking top, a breathable air-flow layer for added circulation, a comfort layer, a supportive foam base and a non-slip outer, which all adds up to the comfort and softness you’d expect from memory foam mattress with a level of support that you might find in a more traditional bed. Some retailers now offer a free trial, meaning if you don’t get on with the one you’ve chosen, you can return it free of charge. Two comfort options of medium and firm mean you can choose the one that suits your sleeping style best. It provides poor support for people sleeping on They also took away all packaging, which was great. It definitely smacks of quality, with a beautiful finish and luxuriously soft exterior. It’s also great if you sleep next to that restless sleeper as we found movement didn’t ‘travel’ from one side of the bed to another. Natural latex is white liquid tapped from the trunks of rubber trees. Despite being tested back in 2017, this is still a decent mattress. A nice touch is the safety cutter supplied, allowing you to quickly and easily open the packaging without worrying about accidentally cutting the mattress with scissors as you release it. We’re fond of handles on mattresses, even if they don’t require turning as it means making the bed is a tad easier. Conveniently packaged, the box in question is a cinch to get upstairs and in fact, one of us managed it on our own although it’s probably better with two. There are a few key things you need to consider before taking the plunge and buying a new mattress: One major problem is that a quick lie down in a showroom isn’t going to tell you whether a mattress still feels right after a long night’s sleep. It did have a rather distinct ‘new mattress’ smell but that lessened after a few days and it wasn’t so bad that it stopped us drifting off into the land of nod pretty quickly. Ysanne has carefully picked the mattresses to review based on her own research into what’s new, innovative and popular in the marketplace – ensuring she looks across the full spectrum of price points. Loaf has confidently – some might say arrogantly – named this mattress, but not without reason, we’ve found. The mattress is pretty deep and has a real feeling of quality to it. And which will stay comfortable for years to come? View now: EasySleep Three Hybrid mattress, from £299.95 for a single, Duvalay. After simulating several years of use by rolling a heavy barrel over the mattress thousands of times, we then repeat the body-support tests to see whether the mattress becomes less supportive over time. Pocket sprung, with breathable fillings including cotton and wool to help regulate temperature, it comes in three tensions, Extra Firm, Firm and Regular – we opted for Firm. The modern-day mattress can arrive in a box, and some even overnight! Cons: As the foam moulds to the body it can feel too close and claustrophobic. Despite coming from a well-respected brand, you'll want to think twice It doesn’t take long to inflate either and was ready in a couple of hours. That’s not all. There’s no mistaking that hybrids have a bit more heft to them than traditional memory foam only offerings. the knowledge that you’ve bought an exceptional mattress. While not as deep as some, it nevertheless had plenty of bounce, probably because of the 1,000 micropocket springs, which definitely gave support where it was needed, particularly in the hips and spine, where our restless side sleeper needed it the most. Are you a front sleeper? If you’re a fidgety sleeper then this is a great option as whichever way we lay – side, back, or front – there was no discomfort. This same sinking feeling means you can become quite warm, although high-quality memory foam mattresses are more breathable these days. It also has handles, which are extremely useful not just for maneuvering them into place but for lifting when sheet changing. A traditional pocket sprung construction with a layer of soft filling, it did seem a tad short for our bed frame but that may just be because we needed to leave it longer to fully ‘inflate’ before we used it. It doesn’t have handles but as it is not as heavy as some, it was super easy to lift to make the bed and also to rotate, which is recommended to do from time to time. Plus there’s a ‘smart’ layer that also dissipates moisture, pressure relieving memory foam to provide comfort and support and a 7-zoned layer that adds more support where it’s most needed. Our mattress tester Ysanne has decades of consumer journalism experience, and has put each mattress through its paces at home, over several weeks, pitting them against the everyday situations we all encounter. We’ve seen cheaper Best Buys than this, but never before have we seen such a reasonably-priced mattress score so highly in our tough tests.

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